Iran became the brand owner of the paper packaging industry

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The head of Industrial Commission of the Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture said, "Iran has not fallen behind in paper and cardboard packaging and is almost at the same level of the world."

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Abolfazl Roghani in an interview with the Gostaresh News Agency said, "Packaging is considered as the clothes of goods, in another word it represents a product."
He added, "If we consider the quality products like perfume and eau de Cologne, the price of their packaging is five times as much as the price of the products. That is why, all major entrepreneurs and manufacturers in the world have come to the conclusion that the quality product should be offered in a good quality packaging."
On the advantages of packaging, Roghani said, "On one hand, good packaging helps the product to be successful in marketing and sales. Moreover, packaging is also important in keeping a product."
He added, "Iran's market has lagged behind the luxury packaging very much and could not meet the expectations of European markets. However, we are not so much behind the world in the paper and cardboard packaging. In the paper packaging, we possess most of the modern knowledge and technology of the world, and we are almost holding a brand."
On the importance of this type of packaging in the food sector, the economic activist also said, "The types of food products which have a short period of expiry time usually are presented in cardboard packaging."

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