An initiative to help poor people even with a sheet of paper

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A member of the faculty of Ilam University announced the launch of an initiative in near future based on which it is possible to show the sense of humanitarian even with a sheet of paper.

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In an interview with ISNA, Ali Moisanejad stated, "Ilam Saray-e- Kowsar Charity Institution, Ilam Society of environmental Friendship and Ilam Children's Foundation are engaged in consulting with the relevant organizations to collect, recycle and sell waste paper to provide a paper of the budget needed by poor families."
The social activist said, "To accomplish the plan, boxes with the name and the logo of the custodians and the colleagues will be prepared and distributed, then they will be collected in specific times to be delivered to one of the recycling companies. The income from the sales of the produced pulp will be spent on the requirements of poor families."
The member of the faculty of Ilam University said, "One of the targets of this measure is to make humanitarian culture especially among young generation and teach them that they do not limit themselves with the monetary help for fellow human beings, but they understand that they can help poor people by donating even a sheet of paper."
Emphasizing the cooperation of all media especially IRIB, he expressed his hope that the authorities of offices, school principals, the shopkeepers and other citizens would collaborate the activists of this humanitarian plan in their mission.

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