The representative of Tehran Chamber of Commerce was opened in London

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Today morning, the representative of Tehran Chamber of Commerce was opened and started working in the presence of the head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber.

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According to Mehr News Agency quoting Tehran Chamber of Commerce, speaking in the ceremonies, Massoud Khansari, the head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, said, "After JCPOA, over 200 delegations came to Iran, and Yehran Chamber of Commerce hosted over 60 delegates, but it should be admitted that practical and operational success has not been as great as the number of visits by the delegates. Although according to the latest report of the European Commission, the trade volume between the two sides has nearly doubled in the first half of the year, our expectation is more than these figures."
He continued, "Naturally, there are two serious problems on our way: one is an external problem that has caused troubles and concerns among entrepreneurs after Mr. Trump's presidency. The next issue is the Iran's internal problems caused by the previous sanctions and mismanagement. These issues have caused problems in the banking system and the economy of the country." 
Khansari stressed, "After the election of Mr. Rohani as president, the country's economy became relatively stable. The domestic inflation has reached from over 40% to below 10% and has provided good opportunities for investment."
He said, "Several large contracts have been made one of which was the contract with Total. During this period, come contracts have been concluded with foreign automobile companies."  
Khansari continued, "The Tehran Chamber of Commerce has tried its best to identify the foreign investor's requirements and increase the demand from the Cabinet. Fortunately, the Cabinet has paid more attention to private sector since the last four years. In these relations and interaction, we managed to resolve the private sector's problems in relation with insurance and taxes to some extent."
According to the head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, another action taken by the Chamber was to launch the Arbitration Center, and he added, "We believe that if the Chamber of Commerce can investigate the disputes between the entrepreneurs, both the disputes with be resolved faster and the process of arbitration will be less costly for the parties of the contract."
He added, "The next measure was to launch the Foreign Investment Attraction Center for which Ms. Fryal Mostofi, a member of the Tehran Chamber's delegation, is responsible. The first task at the center was to examine the current law on attracting foreign investment. The second step was to identify the domestic potentials and projects which are ready for foreign investment."
Referring to the difficulty of ranking Iran in international indexes, Khansari said, "The status of Iran is not and has not been desirable in the international indexes regarding economic freedom, bureaucratic and economic corruption, inflation, and business environment. Fortunately, we are about to resolve these problems by inviting institutions like Frazer Institution. In this way, they can examine the economic structure of Iran in order to pave the way for improving Iran's rank by getting more familiar  with the economic reforms carried out and by giving solutions for the existing problems… Moreover, Price Waterhouse Cooper Institution visited Iran after the Chamber had invited them.
Pointing out the recent achievements of Iran in his speech, the head of Tehran Chamber said, "We have established good relations with a large number of well-known insurers in the world. We are also trying to sign different agreements with them. In the meantime, over 30 billion USD in credit was provided with Iran by South Korea, Austria, China, and Denmark; and this figure will definitely increase in future."

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