The imports of paper to the country are one million and 300 thousand tons.

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Stating that the country requires 2 million tons of paper, the managing director of industrial parks in Alborz province, said, "The imports of paper to the country is one million and 300 thousand tons."

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According to Tasnim News Agency in Karaj, at the 8th National Chemistry and Environment Seminar held at the Ghadir Hall of Kharazmi University of Karaj, Jahangir Shahmoradi said, "The environmental problems in Iran are numerous, and the problems of water shortage and cutting trees cause environmental pollution in the country." 
Stating that the country requires 2 million tons of paper, he added, "Around one million and 300 thousand tons of paper is imported to the country leading to the exit of a lot of foreign currency from Iran amounting around 1 billion USD which is spent on the costs of paper import, and around 700 thousand tons of paper is produced domestically."
Referring to the fact that 1% of the world's paper is consumed by Iranians, Shahmoradi said, "24 relatively large trees should be cut and 60 m3 is required in order to produce a ton of new paper, but if the recycled paper is used, 4 trees will be cut off."
He noted, "If we can achieve a new mechanism to replace the traditional process, cutting off trees and consuming water will be minimized."
 Considering the water saving as the most important reason for not producing the new paper, the managing director of the Company of Industrial Parks in Alborz province added, "The types of paper produced by stone have caused to save water and are economically very profitable for Iran. This technology was first started in Taiwan, and today 40 countries are using these kinds of paper." 
Shahmoradi pointed out that the price of these types of paper was very low and continued, "The do not need too much water, and the paper is very suitable for writing paper and resistant to fire." 
The authority considered the stone paper very hygienic and impermeable against the agents of bacteria. 
Stating that the materials of these polymers are used in the manufacture of disposable materials, the official said, "The returning period to nature of these materials is much faster than other materials which makes them very economical for manufacturers."

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