Iran has become self-sufficient in producing compressed wood bindings

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A wood expert said, "Iran has become self-sufficient in producing compressed wood bindings, and more production capacity has been created than the domestic demand."

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According to IRIB, Norouzi added, "The domestic markets have been affected by the competition with foreign markets while the amount of production has remained stable for recent years. Moreover, the consumption has declined due to people's low purchase power."
He further stated that MDF is another kind of compressed wood bindings and said, "50% of this kind of product is supplied domestically and the rest is provided from the imported products."
In an interview with Radio Economics, the wood expert said, "Coated wood products are a complementary process of wood products and are mostly used in compressed wood sheets."
He added, "These products are used in the production of cabinets, home internal decoration, doors, windows, shelves, bookcases. Furniture, chairs, and so on."
Norouzi stated that the coating of wood products is made of paper and melamine formaldehyde resin and noted, "Melamine formaldehyde resin is domestically produced but the special paper is supplied from overseas."

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