The Cabinet and the parliament should prevent the imports of the goods which can be domestically manufactured.

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The Deputy Khorasan Razavi's Governor in the coordination of economic affairs and the development of human resources said, "Organizing the subsidies and preventing the imports of goods which can be domestically manufactured are the two core tasks which should be implement by the Cabinet and the parliament with serious determination."

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According to ISNA, in the opening ceremonies of the carton factory, Mohammad Mehdi Moravej-ol-Sharia said, "The Cabinet and the parliament should fulfill to basic tasks; firstly organizing subsidies and secondly preventing the imports of any goods which can be domestically manufactured."
He continued, "The prevention of the imports of this type of goods requires serious determination. Each country has its own special culture, products, conditions, and resources. When we intend to enter the global market, we should help the exporter."
Stating that the Cabinet has a facilitating role and the employment should be created by people, Moravej-ol-Sharia said, "If the investor starts its activities with his or her own financial resources, it will be counted as a strong point because he or she will not wait and lose the time."
The Deputy Governor in the coordination of economic affairs and the development of human resources said, "This year, a total of 1,316 projects were launched in two major sectors of infrastructure and economics during the Week of Cabinet." 
Referring to the two-year prospect of 2017 and 2018for production and employment, he said, "The prospect has two main features; firstly, 317 projects have been defined in it all of which, with the exception of tourism sector having slight changes, have been targeted with milestones the weight of most of which will be achieved in 2017 and early 2018 with an investment of 17 thousand and 297 billion Tomans." 
Moravej-ol-Sharia said, " During the severe period of the recession of domestic production, the country economy was looking for finances to grow investment, to boom the economy and to export; all funds, the banking system, and the financial system was under severe control; there were plenty of limitations, and the organizations were increasingly moving towards recession." 
He added, "In these conditions, we entered an orbit. We have been able to have the role of organizer for the last 4 years, but we managed to create targets for 317 projects in this organizing process a 100% of whose investment belonged to private sector. This indicate the the country's atmosphere is moving towards improvement." 
 Moravej-ol-Sharia said at the inauguration of a Nano production unit, "We should manufacture the products based on the global competition because there is always room for domestic consumption, but there is a short opportunity to enter the target overseas markets. If we add a commodity to the provincial export share, it will be valuable."

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