Resolving the visa problems between Iran and China in near future

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The head of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce, stating that the conditions of supplying visa have made problems for both sides, said, "It is not possible to trade by a suitcase of cash."

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According to Mehr News Agency quoting IRIB, at the seminar of "Guangdong International Conference of Silk Road by Sea in 21st Century Exhibition" Assadullah Asggar Oladi, while mentioning the history and the importance of the cooperation between Iran and China in the field of economics, said, "The seminar is to raise issues on the way of the mutual relationships; hence close meeting and face to face talks between the officials of both countries can speed up the removal of these barriers."
Referring to the visa issue for the passengers and businesspeople, the head of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce added, "Talks have been made to provide one-year and two-year visa in order to facilitate travel, and we hope that the problem will be resolved."
Calling for the activation of the banking system, he said, "The target of all these meetings and talks is to trade, purchase, and sell, and the basis of every transaction is the money and its transfer by banking system, and it is not possible to trade by a suitcase of cash. Therefore, the cooperation of banks should be placed on the priorities of cooperation. "
Asgar Oladi acknowledged, "We would like to provide the requirements of our factories from China. If the conditions of convenient trade with China take place by removing Iranian banking problems, Iranians will definitely prefer to supply their requirements from China rather than from the other side of the ocean."
Later on, the trade advisor of Chinese Embassy in Iran, while presenting a report on the trade between the two countries, said, "Iran is a country with a brilliant history and civilization and enjoys a special position and significant influence in the Middle East, North Africa and the whole world during the revival of silk road; meanwhile it has the fourth rank of oil and the first rank of gas in the world, as well as rich mines all of which are advantages which has changed Iran into an attractive country for cooperation and investment."
He added, "Iran also has an important geostrategic position that controls the Strait of Hormuz, the bottleneck of the Middle East shipping. Therefore, it plays an important role in restoring the 21st century Silk Road."
Referring the start of comprehensive strategic relationships in 2016, Gong said, "A new chapter of cooperation has begun between Iran and China. China's economic growth of 9.6% and Iran economic growth of 8.3% after JCPOA indicate the readiness of both countries to develop economic relations. Particularly, after JCPOA, good mutual cooperation has been made in the field of oil exports."
Confirming the speech made by the head of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce, he said, "The conditions of visa has created problem in the area of visa requirement, but we hope it will be resolved soon. Good banking cooperation has taken place between two countries, and we encourage Chinese and Iranian banks to have closer relations."
Gong considered the 30% increase in the trade between two countries during the first six months of this year good statistics and acknowledged, "China and Iran are important trade partners of each other. China is the largest purchaser of Iran's crude oil and the largest destination of Iran's non-oil products, so we have to try to use the potential capacities."
Calling for the development of cooperation in major projects between two countries, he said, "The financing contract of Tehran-Mashhad project has been concluded which is the first China's project in Iran after JCPOA. After the implementation of the project, the travel between Tehran and Mashhad will be facilitated for 35 million passengers each year."
The business advisor of Chinese Embassy in Iran said, "The development of industrial parks is another important plan for the development of mutual relationships." And added, "Following the cooperation in industrial projects, the Tigo 7 automobile, which has recently received the award of the best design at the Geneva Motor Show, has formally been unveiled in Iran."

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