The Printing and Packaging Exhibition in Shahr-e-Aftab

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The First Printing and Packaging Exhibition will be held in Shahr-e-Aftab with the cooperation of an Iranian and German company in October.

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According to ISNA, at the press conference of the First Printing and Packaging Exhibition, which is supposed to be held in the International Exhibition of Shar-e-Aftab with the sponsorship of Iran and Germany, Seyyed Mehdi Seyyedi said, "One of the issues which we have been seriously following up since the beginning was to group the exhibition, to specialize it, to create surplus value, and to make a brand of it."
Referring to the cooperation with the advanced European countries, he said, "Germany has a special position in the exhibitions of the world, so it can be branded under its license. Meanwhile, we have good relations with France." 
Seyyedi said, "One of our fundamental problems is the lack of specialized work which I hope all the economical and governmental bodies will have a good understanding of. Our intention is to promote in different industries and to gain the market of the target countries which have been specified, and two sectors of metal and packaging have special place in this regard."
The Director General of Shahr-e-Aftab Exhibition Company said, "I request everyone to know that there are three issues of hardware, software, and brainware, and we want these three categories to be linked. If all the bodies contribute, we definitely will achieve noticeable results."
Stating that Shahr-e-Aftab Exhibition undoubtedly has impediments, he said, "We know the impediments, and are pleased to announce that with our full knowledge we try to minimize and put them aside."
Seyyedi added, "I am afraid some people highlight the problems which will not only help with the promotion of exhibition position but also they push us back. We should have expertise view about the exhibition. I request all the experts to help and cooperate with us to make the exhibition more successful and more specialized."
The Director General of Shahr-e-Aftab Exhibition Company said, "After two years of attempt, Shahr-e-Aftab Exhibition has turned into a global brand. We have found our way and see no obstacles on the way while the passing time will clarify many dark angles."
Seyyedi added, " The problems should not make us exhausted, and mangers' understanding and motivations will be the main solution to problems."
According to ISNA, while presenting a report on the status of the Dusseldorf  International Exhibition and the different exhibitions held all over the world by Germany, Thomas Duse, the Deputy Manager of AIPAC World Union, said, "We has a successful experience in printing and packaging exhibition. Since the request for packaged food is increasing, we have made different methods of packaging for food, medicines, and cosmetics."
Stating that the world population is growing, and we are facing and increasing demand for packaged foods, he said, "We have held various printing and packaging exhibitions."
The Deputy General Director of AIPAC World Union, referring to the features of Shahr-e-Aftab Exhibition,  said, "It is a modern place which is near the airport, and it can help us with our international calendar. Moreover, the different kinds of suppliers come together at this exhibition. We hope that holding this exhibition will lead to other exhibitions."

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