The International Standard Day with an Iranian design

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This year, the International Standard Day will be globally introduced with an Iranian's poster design.

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According to ISNA, International Organizations of Standard (ISO), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) have selected and introduced the Poster by Reza Rahimian (the Iranian designer) as the chosen work of International Standard Day in 2017.  
In the global competition, 22 works by Iranian artists were against the works by the artists from 163 countries out which 5 works went to the final competition in the next stage, and eventually the work by an Iranian was chosen as the superior work. Meanwhile, the International Organization of standards, using the chosen designed poster, congratulated the Iranian artist on his success in this respect.  
According to ISNA, during a ceremony held by the Association of Mechanical Engineers with the presence of prominent engineers and professors, the faculty members, and the heads of Technical faculties at Technical University of Tehran, Nayereh Pirouz Bakht was introduced as the country prominent engineers.
The chairman of the National Organization of Standards in a brief speech at the ceremony considered the organizations and the existence of associations necessary for the society and stated, "As the president emphasizes, the atmosphere for growth and prosperity in the country should be provided and the space to manage the country in the future should be prepared for the deserved and qualified young people with the support and guidance of veteran and experienced professors."

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