65% increase in the value of imported gods to Isfahan

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Isfahan Customs General Director said, "20 thousand and 526 tons of goods arrived at Isfahan Customs, which increased by 18% in weight and 65% in value compared to the same period of the previous year."

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According to Mehr News Agency quoting the public relations of the custom in Isfahan province, Assadollah  Ahmadi Vanhari said, "In the spring of 2017, one million 25 thousand tons of goods amounting 267 million 453 thousand USD were exported from Isfahan to 80 countries of the world which grew by 11% in weight and 10% in value compared to the same period of the previous year."
He considered the main exported goods from Isfahan province petrochemicals with 103 million USD worth, iron & steel with 90 million USD worth, and carpets 38 with million USD worth, and said, "The most important destinations of Isfahan exported goods were Iraq with 99 million USD worth and the percentage of 27, the UAE with 64 million USD worth and the percentage of 17, Afghanistan with 59 million USD worth and the percentage of 16, Pakistan with 29 million USD worth and the percentage of 8, and Oman with 17 million USD worth and the percentage of 5 of total exports of the province." 
Isfahan Customs General Director continued, "In line with the implementation of resistant economy and e-government, the exports of Isfahan producers are carried out with the minimum customs formalities."
Regarding the implementation of the new comprehensive customs system, he said, "The Isfahan manufacturing companies that require an on-site valuation order for export, can get the valuation number from the Transit Trade System Portal so that all the customs formalities will be carried out by the declarants and there will be no need for them to be present or refer to Isfahan customs."
Explaining the new capability of export formalities (on site valuation), Ahmadi Vanhari said, "Therefore, 90% of export valuation declaration are on the green route and the remaining 10% on the yellow route in Isfahan customs and will be sent to the exit border without the need of physical inspection in the customs of the origin of goods, and if it is necessary to inspect the goods, it will be carried out at the exit border."
On the reduction of export costs, he added, "All customs costs which used to include (demand and mission) for export declaration (on- site valuation) were eliminated."
Isfahan Customs Director General emphasized on issuance of invoice for exported goods, "Invoice is also issued through the Transit Trade System Portal by the owner of the goods and declarant." 
While expressing the complete confidence of customs to exporters, he emphasized, "there is no need for the owner of goods or his rep. to be present at Isfahan customs by launching the customs electronic system which both speeds up the customs processes and reduces the costs and the time required for the goods to be exported."
Ahmadi Vanhari continued, "20 thousand and 526 tons of goods amounting 96 million and 444 thousand USD arrived at Isfahan Customs, which increased by 18% in weight and 65% in value compared to the same period of the previous year."
He stated, "In line with the programs of resistant economy and by launching and enjoying the Transit Trade System Portal, we experience an increase of 112% revenue of Isfahan customs."
Isfahan Customs Director General acknowledged, "The customs obtained an income of 482 billion and 358 billion Rials in the spring of 2017 and transferred to government treasury with 138 employees."
On the most imported goods to Isfahan customs in last three months, he said, "Mechanical machinery was 33%, electrical machinery 23%. Components and separated parts of machinery formed 15%, and paper and cardboard was 3% of total imported goods to Isfahan customs."
Ahmadi Vanhari stated, "The main exporting countries to Isfahan customs destination were South Korea with 26%, China with 25%, Germany with 10%, and Italy with 8% of total volume of imports to Isfahan customs."
He emphasized, "Isfahan Shahid Beheshti Airport Customs with around the clock activities has carried out the formalities for 117 thousand passengers arriving and exiting which shows a 5% increase compared to the same period last year." 
 Isfahan Customs Director General said, "In the spring 2017, the customs formalities were carried out for 6289 parcels arrive at or leaving from customs post office amounting 5 billion 826 thousand Rials which shows a decrease of 12% in weight and 28% in value compared to the same period last year."
Ahmadi Vanhari stated, "During this period, the judiciary section of Isfahan Customs has taken care of 311 cases of goods suspected to smuggling with value of 131 billion and 503 million Rials which had an increase of 27% in number and 73% in value."

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