The annual general assembly (regular session) of the Cooperative Co.The annual general assembly (regular session) of the Cooperative Co.

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The board of directors' report to regular session of annual general assembly of the shareholders for the financial year ending on March 20, 2017

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 While greeting and the wish of acceptance their prayers and worship, we welcome the presence of the respectable shareholders as well as the esteemed inspector of the Cooperative Co. and the members of the Association of Carton and Corrugated Sheet Executives at the annual general assembly of the producing and distributing Cooperative Co.; we are grateful to the God that we have managed to take effective steps through a team work  in the development of the country industry and the flourishing economy of our beloved Iran. 
In 2016 and the early 2017, taking the economic situation of the country into account, we managed to offer different services to our honorable members while we were able to purchase and sell around 10000 tons of domestic and foreign paper by holding different meetings of the board amounting to 32 sessions and around 784 man-hours. Thank God, we succeeded to achieve the title of the Superior Cooperative among the other cooperative companies of the country.
Therefore, we take the opportunity to appreciate and thank you all the honorable shareholders, the industrialists in carton and corrugated, and all the staff of the Cooperative Co. and we admit that the Cooperative Co. was unable to have any achievements without the cooperation, contribution and the attempts of all the dear responsible colleagues.
Some measures taken in the Cooperative Co. is listed below for your consideration:
  • Since new paper making mills were established and fundamental problems have been created in the old factories of the country which caused economic problems for our loved country, the Cooperative Co. intended to support the carton and paper manufacturers economically both in the form of financial support and in the form of effective contribution to the manufacturers of carton and corrugated sheets.  
  • Due to the economic difficulties for carton makers, the Cooperative Co took action to improve the problem and proposed purchase finance for the members of the Cooperative which was welcomed by the majority of the members so that the Cooperative Co. purchased 4000 tons of domestic and foreign paper by cash last year and distributed them among its members by credit of even six months.
  • The Cooperative Co. held different seminars last year in order to promote the technical and administrative personnel of its member last year including:
  • The scientific and applied educational seminar of printing on the cartons for the operators;
  • The seminar of the required cases of the steam tanks by the experts from Arak Machinery Making Factory;
  • The scientific and applied training of print on carton for the technical and sales experts;
  • The seminar of industrial wastewater treatment and the monitoring calculation of BOD and COD;
  • Identification of different types of paper, and cardboard and their application in carton making (2 sessions);
  • Commercial seminar;
  • The seminar of Value Added Tax;
  • The seminar of insurance and fire fighting;
  • The seminar on the amendments of direct tax;
  • The seminar of first aids;
  • The seminar of heat recovery in industrial scale;
  • The seminar of the impacts of designing and cliché making in carton printing;
  • The seminar of transferring ink system in printing machinery (held in 4 sessions);
  • The educational seminar of  starch glue;
  • Another positive measure of the Cooperative Co. was to have the website of the Cooperative Co. in two languages of Farsi and English which has caused the Cooperative Co. to be known on international market so that among the cellulose industries, only the Cooperative Co. was invited to the trade meeting between Iran and Finland at Spina’s Palace Hotel during the Finland's president's visit to Iran while the German, Swedish, and Chinese businesspeople have visited the Cooperative office since then.
  • The participation of the Cooperative Co. in China Shanghai Exhibition where the Chinese businesspeople welcomed the Cooperative Co has led to the conclusion that the Cooperative Co. will participate in the international exhibitions of neighboring countries in order to have a marketing survey for exports.
  • The Cooperative Co. intends to take efficient steps in all the fields of the industry especially education (holding seminars), trade (purchase and sale), economy (granting financial credit), and service (Different kinds of insurance).

At the end, it should be noted that the quantity of purchase and sale in the Cooperative Co. depends on the members' requirements. Our record of activities indicates that our company is ready to offer services in all area for its members with its high potential. Therefore, we wish our members to supply at least 3% of their requirements from the Cooperative Co. in order to have more correlation in the cooperative.
The report on financial statements will be presented to the honorable members by the financial manager.
With all our wishes for your success.


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