Rabiei: Iran-Croatian cooperation to grow in 16 industries

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Over 200 Croatian companies are ready to develop relations.

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In the recent visit of the two countries' presidents, Iran's minister of cooperation, work and social welfare, who met the Croatian ministers of economy, labor and pensions, referring to their mutual cooperation agreement in 16 industries, said, "Today, trade has turned into a means for peace, friendship, and the development of cultures and relations among countries."
According to IRNA from the Public Relations of the Ministry of Cooperation, Work, and Social Welfare, on Tuesday, the second day of visiting Croatia, Ali Rabiei at a joint meeting with Deputy Prime Minister 'Martina Dalic' ,  Croatian Minister of Economy, and 'Marco Pavic', the Minister of Labor and the Affairs of the Retired, discussed the ways of expanding mutual cooperation. 
Referring to the historic backgrounds of the two countries cooperation, Ali Rabiei said, "We have always been along with Croatia, and the sanctions have been removed from our countries after years. Today, trade has turned into a means for peace, friendship, and the development of cultures and relations among countries."
Emphasizing that Iran is intending to develop political, economic, and social relations with Croatia, he said, "The current specialized meetings with the managers of holdings and companies underway with the same policies."
In the visit, the representatives of over 200 Croatian companies expressing their interest to develop relation announced their complete readiness to start cooperation in the fields of steel, purchasing steel from Iran, exchanging experiences in the field of occupation, increasing the investment in Petrochemicals, shipping, ship making, electricity, and locomotives. 
Providing the necessary grounds for the implementation of the agreements was another issue which was discussed at the meeting.
The other issues emphasized by both parties were the increase in the level of cooperation in 16 industries including the transfer of Iranian oil and gas from Croatia to Europe, the emphasis on increasing cooperation and the volume of mutual trades with regard to the mutual experiences in different fields such as banking and financial relations; oil, gas, and petrochemicals; steel; generating electricity, air and sea, land and rail transportation; tourism; cement, metal and non-metal minerals; ICT; food industries; medicines and medical equipment; medical treatment and services; insurance; banking and investment market; construction; mines; tobacco; paper and printing industries and metal industries. 

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