Separation in ministries is in conflict with the downsizing policy of government

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Evaluating the issue of separating the Ministry of Commerce from the Industry and Mine, the head of Industrial Commission in Iran Chamber of Commerce said, "It is a wrong measure because it is in contrary to the process of agile making and downsizing policy of the government.

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Abolfazl Roghani in an interview with ISNA said, "The Industrial Commission in Iran Chamber of Commerce disagrees with the measure of separating again the ministry of Commerce from Ministries of Industry. A research which has been conducted on around 100 different countries indicates that 75% of them, including Japan as the third economy of the world, have had centralized management of industry and commerce.
He added, "The discussions to propose the separation of the ministry again will have no results except creating costs and enlarging the government body; i.e. it will enlarge the government while the law emphasizes on downsizing and agile making the government. The structures in countries are normally revised every 10 years which is not wrong because the decisions which may have taken based on the special requirements need to be evaluated."
The member of the body of delegates in Iran Chamber of Commerce added, "But how many years has passed since the merger of the two ministries of industries and commerce? In the case it was a wrong decision, why did the government and parliament put it into effect at that time? In case it was a right decision, there is no reason to change the conditions. If it any action is supposed to be taken in this respect, it should be based on precise specialized principles on which should be worked by elites and exports, and finally the parliament should make decision on the measure." 
 The head of Industrial Commission in Iran Chamber of Commerce said, "Today, we as the entrepreneurs are not pleased with the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade because the ministry does not have the required mobility and does not pay the required attention to production which are criticized, but it does not mean that we want to have another separation, and corrective measures should be followed to remove the problems of the ministry one by one. Why should we impose additional costs for the government by separating the ministry?" 
He stressed, "During the 9th and 10th Cabinets of ministers, the most important fault was to carry out integration instead of merger. Several ministries were collected into one ministry which needed to have strong ministers and managers. However, the solution to this issue is not to have separation, we should have a scrupulous re-evaluation and correct all mistakes. We, as the representative of private sector, talked with the industrial commission of the parliament, too. Fortunately, the MPs did not vote the relevant double urgent proposal which indicates parliament is supposed to do expertise work." 
Roghani added, "The Parliament Research Center and industrial elites should give the required consultation in order to have a conclusion at last. However, the method of prompt separation in the ministries is not a right approach."

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