The request to increase paper tariff was rejected

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The president of Iran Association of Paper Industries said, "Despite the approval of the Article One Committee with the request to increase tariffs on imported paper, the request was not welcome and confirmed by the Cabinet of the government.

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In an interview on the latest details of the request to increase the tariffs on the imported paper, Abolfazl Roghani said, "The paper manufacturers' request of increasing tariffs on imported packaging paper and newsprint was submitted to the Vice President by the Minister of Industry, Mine, and trade along with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, but finally it was not confirmed; of course, the request to increase tariffs on paper imports is proposed in March of every year.   
The president of Industrial Commission in Iran Chamber of Commerce, stating that the tariff was up to 10% increase on packaging paper and 15% increase on writing paper and newsprint, reiterated, "After the approval of the Article One Committee, the request needs to proposed in the Cabinet, but it was not welcome and confirmed there."
The Association President of Cellulose Industries stated, "The tariffs should be increased to support the paper makers, but the shortage of domestic production was an excuse for the authorities to ignore the increase in import tariffs."
According to the report, the possibility of increasing tariffs on paper imports along with the expectation to increase the rate of wastepaper as the raw material for paper making in recent weeks has led to the increase in the demands for the paper and cardboard group in the stock exchange.

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