The opening of the first paper making factory from rock in East Azerbaijan Province

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The first paper making factory from calcium carbonate rocks was inaugurated in Shabestar city in the presence of the governor of East Azerbaijan province and other provincial officials.

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On Tuesday evening in the inauguration ceremonies of this production unit, the investor and the CEO of the paper making factory from rocks said, "The technology of this plant belongs to four countries in the world, and we managed to transfer this know-how to East Azerbaijan and localize 70% of the required production machinery of this kind of paper from the aspect of both technical knowledge and formulation."
Hamid Reza Ilkhani continued, "The paper produced in the factory has high grade and is unique of its kind in the Middle East."
He added, "calcium carbonate forms 80% of the components of this paper, so it is easy to be recycled and has high resistance to moisture."
Ilkhani continued, "The cost price of this paper is 70% of the cost of conventional paper, and its most important advantage is that there is no need to cut down trees."
He said, "The annual capacity of the first phase of the factory is 3000 tons for which 76 billion Rials has been invested."
80% of the components of stone paper is made from calcium carbonate (Rich Mineral Paper "RMP) and the rest of 20% are polypropylene and polyethylene.
Most existing rock on the Earth have limestone base, and Iran is filled with this kind of rocks. That is why many cement factories have been built in Iran, and the calcium carbonate can be extracted from the rocks." 
The project of making paper from rocks is a dramatic change in paper making via new technology in modern age. The technology is environmentally friendly and reduces the energy consumption very much, and the produced paper is 100% recyclable. 
Shabestar town is located in the 78 kilometers of the west of Tabriz, the center of East Azerbaijan Province.

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