Seting up a "Rock Terminal" in Aligudarz/ Asking for permission for the industrial city in Khorramabad

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The CEO of Lorestan Industrial Towns Co. announced the establishment of a rock terminal in the province.

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According to Mehr News Agency, Bakhtiar Razani announced the reporters on Saturday afternoon the meeting following up the decisions had made when Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade had travelled to the province, and said, "With the presence of the governor of Lorestan, Aligudarz MP, the Mine Deputy of the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade, the meeting was held in the Mnister's office."
Razani added, "Following the Travel of the Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade to the province, it was decided to set up a rock terminal in Lorestan with the cooperation of the private sector." 
The CEO of Lorestan Industrial Towns Co. said, "Moreover, after the request made by the Board of Industrial Spot of ore Processing Units to Industrial Towns Co., it was decided to follow up the necessary measures for the issuance of the permission of a private industrial town for them. In addition, with respect to Aligudarz potention in reserves of construction minerals and calcium carbonate, it was determined to have required studies on the issue of a joint venture between IMIDRO and private sector in order to produce paper products from stone." 
Announcing the approval made by the Cabinet to establish the Industrial Town 4 in Khorramabad, he said, "The Council of Ministers chaired by the president agreed with Khorramabad Industrial Town 4 to be established."
Razani added, "The Council of Ministers has made this decision in order to eliminate poverty and create employment in Khorramabad."
The CEO of Lorestan Industrial Towns Co. continued, "Lorestan province and Khorramabad city has relative advantages in processing industries, dairy industries, downstream petrochemical industries due to Lorestan Petrochemical Co., and non-metal mine industries because of the enormous reserves of construction minerals, etc."

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