Paper which destroys bacteria

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Academic researchers have made a kind of paper that produces plasma. The dangerous bacteria can be destroyed by using this paper as coatings on the clothes and equipment.

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According to Mehr News Agency quoting New Atlas, The resistance of bacteria is daily increasing against antibiotics. On the other hand, touching a contaminated surface with the existing microbes in the air has become a real threat to public health.
To that end, the researchers at Rutgers University in the USA have found a way to manufacture paper producing plasma.
This kind of paper can be used as a coating on clothes or devices so that the danger of touching bacteria will be removed with an inexpensive and simple method.
Anyway, following an academic research, a disinfectant electronic matter was made from paper on which a layer of aluminum was covered which can serve as an electrode producing plasma.
Plasma or ionized gas is generated when the high voltage electricity ionizes the gas. In the case of this matter, the ordinary air facilitates this process. 
Thus, a kind of high energy electron and ion field is created which evaporates any kinds of bacteria.
The tests conducted at the University of Rutgers showed that their paper devices can destroy 99% of microbial yeasts called Saccharomyces cerevisiae and 99.9% of bacteria called Ecoli.
Of course, presently the precise sensors can detect the presence of Ecoli bacteria, and different devices can destroy the bacteria by using solar energy. 
Although these methods are efficient, they are expensive and cannot be used broadly.
However, the paper based disinfectants are cheap and flexible and can be easily used for cleaning the clothes and other items; even in the electronic wound healing bandage which improves the process of healing wounds. 

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