The import of 270 thousand tons of paper/ self- sufficiency depends on fundraising

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The head of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers says that the country requires 370 thousand tons of writing paper out of which 270 thousand tons are imported.

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In an interview with ISNA on the president's speech emphasizing that we should move toward paper self-sufficiency, and while keeping on the competition policy, we should support the domestic production, Abolfazl Roghani Golpayegani said, "Our country required around 370 thousand tons of writing paper." 
He added, "Based on the existing circumstances, we require the import of 270 thousand tons of writing paper. However, we hope if there is an investment in the sector of writing paper, and if investors intend to take action actively in this respect, it is possible to produce this amount in a few years through the required fund raising ."
Pointing out that the atmosphere of the country in the paper sector is not to produce and the importing culture is more acceptable, the head of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers said, "Meanwhile the government has not imposed a special tariff protection policy."
Roghani continued, "One of the ways to support paper production is the tariff protection which the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance does not cooperate enough, and the parliament oppose this policy, and he Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade does not do the necessary follow-ups.
Referring that the required protection policy was more in importing and trading section and the required supports have not been carried out in protection sector by these organizations, he said, "At present, we have the capacity of 270 thousand tons of imported writing paper in the country, but if we want to produce this amount domestically, we need the machinery and the required infrastructure."
Stating that if the required investment is considered, we will reach self-sufficiency in the sector of writing paper within three years, the head of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers reminded, "At the moment the atmosphere of domestic production in not protective in this sector, and participating in this sector will bring about little profitability."
Roghani continued, "The activity in paper sector does not have profitability attraction for industrial plants. The smaller the production units are, the less profitability they face. The different and relevant organizations  should take actions in order to provide public and protective service because the profit margin of paper production is drastically low, and the government does not consider the required protections."
According to ISNA, recently Rohani has emphatically stated, "We should move toward the self – sufficiency in paper sector by supporting the domestic production via protection tariffs while keeping on the competition policy."

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