Paper prices have not increased/ we are against the tariff increase of paper imports

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The head of the Union of Binders said, “The price of paper has not changed, and we have not experience the increase in paper price.”

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In an interview with Young Journalists Club correspondent of the Literature Field of the Cultural Group on the increase in paper prices, the head of the Union of Binders, Jalil Ghaffari said, “The current paper prices has remained unchanged as before. We have not witnessed a price increase in this field recently.” 
On the tariffs on importing paper, he stated, “The tariffs on importing paper have not been added so far. We have had several meetings with the Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade and the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in this respect; and its price increase has not been finalized yet. We have discussed with them and asked them not to increase the tariffs on importing paper because it will have impact on the domestic production of paper and books.”
The head of the Union of Binders expressed the view of their union on the tariff increase in importing paper, “Since it was first announced, we have been and are still opposed to the tariff increase in imported paper.”

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