The tariff of paper imports will not increase in 2017

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The Nationwide Printers Union representative said, “The tariff of paper imports will not increase in 2017 with the approval of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.”

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According to Tasnim News Agency in Urmia, last night in the celebration of the anniversary of Islamic Revolution and the fourth celebration of the West Azerbaijan big family of the printing and advertising industry which was held in the hall of the Electricity Distributing Company of Urmia province with the presence of a number of officials and practitioners of this industry, Gholamreza Shojaei, paying homage to the role of West Azerbaijan in Printing industry, said, “The first Chamber of the Commerce was launched with the efforts of Azerbaijan citizens in our country, and the printing practitioners have had an important role in the development and promotion of the domestic printing industry.” 
Referring to the recent memorandum of understanding between the Minister of Guidance and the Minister if Industry, Mine, and Trade, he said, “The problems of the printing industry of the country are expected to be solved very quickly by implementing this memorandum of understanding.”
Shojaei said, “Once 85% of the activities of printing industry were related to books and press and the rest belonged to industrial sector, but today is vice versa, because over 85% of the printing industry activities are related to the work which excludes printing books and press, that is industrial affairs.”  
Expressing his hope to form committees to follow up the method of implementing the recent memorandum of understanding between to ministries, he reiterated, “This year, the tariff on paper imports has not risen with the support of Ministry of Culture and Guidance; otherwise, the printing industry would have definitely suffered more stagnation if this product had been more expensive.”
The Nationwide Printers Union representative said, “The tariff on paper imports has been supposed not to go up in 2017 so that the fluctuation of US dollar will be prevented from disturbing the market of printing industry and a relative calmness will dominate this field.” 
He said, "Nowadays, the technology in printing industry is daily developing, ad this industry is related with a range of different sectors from Space to military, agricultural, medical industries and all economic sectors. Therefore, the Cabinet support for the practitioners of the industry is unavoidable in order to upd‌ate facilities and equipment.
Shojaei said, "While the printing industry in the USA id the third industry after military and agricultural industries and/ or is the 5th ranking industry in European countries such as England, it remained in the position of guild in our country and is not paid attention to."
He said that the conditions of printing industry is favorable in West Azerbaijan province and added, "There are good interactions among the Union of Printers and the advertising centers of the province with the General Office of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and good conditions are dominated over the printing industry in the region."

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