Iraq is the most important target for the exports of Isfahan products

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General Director of Isfahan customs said, " Iraq has been the most important target country for the exports of Isfahan products since 10 months ago."

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Assadollah Ahmadi Vanhari in an interview with Mehr News Agency said, "The main exported products from Isfahan customs include iron and steel products with 31%, petrochemicals with 20%, carpets with 17%, dairy products with 5%, and other goods with 28%."
He said, "The most exports were dedicated to Iraq with 254 million USD and 38% share of total exports, Afghanistan 168 million USD with 25%, Pakistan with 71 million USD and 11%, and Turkmenistan with 45 million USD and 7% share of exported goods."
General Director of Isfahan customs continued, "65 thousand tons of goods amounting to 264 million and 103 thousand USD entered Isfahan customs which have had a decrease of 6% in terms of weight and 4% in terms of value."
He said, "We experience an increase of 31% in the revenue of Isfahan province customs with the reduction of imports at province customs, in line with the programs of Resistance Economy and with launching overseas portal system."
Regarding the most important imported products at Isfahan customs during the last 10 months, Ahmadi Vanhari said, "The main imported products in Isfahan province were allocated to mechanical machinery with 34%, electrical machinery with 12%, machinery parts and spare parts with 12%, and paper and cardboard with 4 % during this period."
He stated, "The main exporting countries of Isfahan customs have been China with the share of 24%, Italy with 15%, South Korea with 13%, and Germany with 12%."
The General Director of Isfahan customs added, "Isfahan Martyred Beheshti Airport has carried out over 410 thousand inbound and outbound passengers' formalities with around the clock activities during the same period which has had an increase of 20% compare the similar period of last year." 
He stated, "During the same period, the customs jurisdiction of Isfahan customs has dealt with a thousand and 71 suspected smuggling cases with the value of 670 billion and 140 million Rials which has had an increase of 26% in terms of numbers and 134% in terms of value."  

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