JCPOA has provided the possibility of importing paper to the country

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The inspector of the Tehran Union of Publishers and Bookstore said, "The publication sector also paid the compensation of the country situation under the condition of imposed sanctions, but nowadays the publishers can easily import paper which became possible after JCPOA."

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In an interview with the cultural reporter of IRNA News Agency, Seyed Abbas Hosseini Nik stated, "Regardless the political issues, JCPOA is definitely positive." and continued, "Undoubtedly, everyone acknowledge the benefits of JCPOA, although there may be some criticisms like we could have more points, but whoever lives in our society and witnessed the conditions of previous 8 years and the existing situations of the ex- Cabinet can understand that JCPOA has been very important for people." 
He said, "The amount of Iran's oil exports was under one million barrels a day and was about to reach zero in the previous years. It was what our enemies were looking for, but now the achievements of JCPOA are appearing, the oil production has reached four million barrels a day, and we are keeping distance from selling crude oil."
The inspector of the Tehran Union of Publishers and Bookstore stressed, "Taking all the above mentioned into consideration, some actions had to be taken to restrain the enemies' tricks, and JCPOA was the best and the most appropriate way because if JCPOA had not been agreed on, it would not have been clear what conditions our economy could have had."
He noted, "The misuse in the atmosphere of sanctions influenced in the publication sector so that when Tehran Cooperative Company of Publishers intended to import paper, a group by the pretext of impossibility of international deal fraudulently took all the cooperative members' capital saved for 70 years."
Stating that the JCPOA will solve the foreign sanctions against Iran, Hosseini Nik said, "We should try to prevent those who resort to different pretexts from misusing inside the country."
Stating that all our problems were not related to foreign sanctions, but the most important issue was incompetence, immorality, and unscrupulous thinking inside the country, he added, "JCPOA has two aspects, the first one is to solve the foreign problem, and the second aspect to correct the domestic issues in the field of moral affairs and legal gaps so as to prevent the people who take advantage of any opportunity for their personal profit from abusing. " 

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