50 tons of dry garbage is collected every day

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The Waste Organization of Isfahan Municipality CEO said, "50 tons of dry garbage is collected every day which is equivalent to preventing 800 trees from being cut."

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According to Mehr News Agency, in his speech before the Isfahan Friday Prayers, Amir Hossein Komeili Stated, "We will have clean air and healthy environment by separating the litter at home."
Calling for the families to dividing the litter into three categories of wet, dry, and dangerous waste in order to help the environment to be healthy and the air to be clean, he added, "Separating the litter at home can save extra costs."
The Waste Organization of Isfahan Municipality CEO, stating that the green area and trees should be preserved in order to have clean air, said, "The reduction of generating waste is mandatory to take advantage of green areas and trees."
Stating that 50 tons of dry residue including paper and cardboard is daily collected, he continued, "The collection of this amount of residue can prevent 800 trees from being cut."
Komeili stated that each ton of dry residue which is added to the existing residue will prevent 16 trees from being daily cut and announced, "If the culture of separating dry residue from wet one is formed in the families, highly costs for the residue separation will be prevented."
He stated that families disregard to the principle of waste separation at home will cause a part of the costs of separation at destination to be imposed on the citizens and added, "The correct waste management is subject to the correct management of waste at homes and from the source, and only in this case we will witness cost savings and the production of high quality fertilizers."
 The Waste Organization of Isfahan Municipality CEO said, "Mixing the dangerous wastes with other litter is very harmful for the environment."
Stating that the wet wastes include food, vegetable, and fruit residue, in general all the materials which have nature origin, he added, "These wastes will return to nature and will be changed into high quality fertilizers." 
Komeili said, "The dry wastes include the materials not having nature origin and are considered among the petroleum and polymeric materials including plastic materials, glass bottles, etc. which can be recycled or compressed."
He considered the amount of dangerous wastes very low and continued, "Dangerous wastes include the materials which are made of heavy metals and are the cause of many incurable diseases including electronic parts like different types of lamps, cosmetics, different kinds of medicines, syrings, needles which should be delivered to the centers of dry residues."

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