The National Conference of Hyrcanian Forest Management began in Sari

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The National Conference of North of Iran Forest Management (Hyrcanian) with the focus on assessing the current policies in forest management began in Sari.

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According to Mehr News Agency, the National Conference of North of Iran Forest Management (Hyrcanian) with the focus on assessing the current policies in forest management began with the participation of experts and specialists in forest sciences at the Natural Resources Faculty of Sari University of Agricultural Sciences on Wednesday morning.
The main agenda of the conference is to assess the current legislation and policies on the management of northern forests, to achieve sustainable forestry strategy for the next decade in forests and pastures, and the ways to strengthen the participation of the cooperatives, the NGOs, and the local communities in the future management of northern forests, pastures, and grasslands. 
The conference is being held by the cooperation of the community of forestry, Mazandaran province, Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, and provincial network of environmental and natural resource NGOs. The other subjects of the conference are to analyze the current and future situation of forests, to assess sustainable forestry, and to change the method of silvics in Hyrcanian forests. In addition to keynote speeches and presenting posters indicating the professors' articles, the specialized meetings and round table questions and answers are held on the topic of management decisions about northern forests. Professors and the members of natural resources faculties from governmental and non-governmental universities in the northern and other provinces have also been invited to the conference.
Based on the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture and the note of the Article 148 of Islamic Republic of Iran's fifth Five- Year Plan, the optimization program of monitoring, maintaining, exploiting, and managing the country's forests the basic approach of which was to stop exploitation of the forests completely was approved and then notified by the Council of Ministers on Dec. 17, 2013 and Jan. 5, 2014 respectively.
According to the resolution, based on ecological capability and the preparation of the National Forest Plan, the obligations and the requirements for all the involved parties including the Forestry Organization, the fuels for forest dwellers, the Ministry of Petroleum, the Organization of Registration of Deeds and Properties on the preparation of maps and forest lands, the imported lumbers   have been clarified which is to protect plants. 
According to the Article 6 of the resolution, Iran Organization of Forests, Rangelands, and Watershed Management is obliged to manage and program the forestry plans in the north of the country so that the lumbers of forests have to be exploited only from the damaged trees (broken, fallen, eradicated, and pest-ridden ones) and the tree breeding operation have to be provided.

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