The export of security labels by Assan Qazvin Co.

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The packaging industry has a great role in the non- oil exports of the country.

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Complying with international standards as well as taking the tastes of the target market into account can increase the penetration rate of Iranian products into international markets.
According to the Mehr News Agency, some people involved in packaging industry, understanding the conditions, have made remarkable investments to upgrade this industry. Assan Qazvin Co., participating in the 23rd Printing, Packaging, and the Relevant Machinery Exhibition, introduced its newest printing and packaging technology in order to strengthen Iranian manufacturers and their more powerful presence in domestic and foreign markets.
Announcing the production of security labels in Assan Qazvin Co., Mr. Nabatchian, the CEO of the company, said, "Assan Qazvin has started producing security labels and adhesive labels since last month, and increased its power of production by adding a 11-color printing roll and two 9-color printing rolls.  At present, Assan Qazvin has the capacity of producing labels up to a width of 42 cm on transparent, paper, IML, aluminum lids, etc. in accordance with the international standards. 
He added, "Assan Qazvin has a vast variety of products, and well known dairy manufacturers, fruit and food producers are currently among its regular customers. In order to maintain the quality of its products, the major production processes ranging from making stereotypes, producing ink, starch adhesive production are being done in the factory.  In addition, we try to increase the quality of printing by importing high quality paper. In general, we try to have both quality control and quality management by following various standards."
Assan Qazvin CEO continued, "400 people are working in the sites of carton making, cardboard boxes, and adhesive labels of the factory in Qazvin now. A new plant has been launched in Albors Industrial Town where 50 people were employed in the first month, and the number of the employed people will reach 150 by the end of the Iranian Year. By accomplishing the production process of the plant, Assan Qazvin will be the biggest manufacturer of cardboard boxes of the country. We are constructing a new production line in Khormdasht which increase the production capacity of the company from 60 thousand tons to 150 thousand tons."
Pointing out to the export power of the company, he added, "The cartons made by Assan Qazvin are indirectly exported because of the high volume of cartons, the transportation for the distances over 200 kilometers is not economically justifiable, but in the field of adhesive labels we can easily enter the exporting markets. We will soon export our security labels, tax stamps on cigarettes, printing tags, and similar products to majority of the countries in the world from Japan to Venezuela because Assan Qazvin Co. is enjoying the most modern printing machinery in the world and its products are in accordance with the international standards. It should be mentioned that the costs of transportation of these products are low, and exporting them is quite economical."
On the role of packaging on strengthening the presence of Iranian brands on global markets, Nabatchian said, "Technically, the packaging industry in Iran is not weak or does not lack any shortages at all. The issue is that the manufacturers have not been persuaded to invest in packaging of their products.They should be sure that this investment creates surplus value and profit for them. As long as the surplus value has not been created, manufacturers will not be willing to utilize standard packages."
 He added, "Manufacturers always looking for keeping the production costs down. Packaging is justifiable when the manufacturer is moving toward establishing brands. As long as the market is monopolized by one or two companies, making brand, marketing it, and supplying it scrupulously are not so much necessary."
The vice President of Printing Exporters Union added, "To develop the packaging industry, the consuming markets should get rid of monopole, and various domestic and foreign brands should be present on the market. Then, making brand followed by packaging will be the manufacturers' priority."
 To explain the status of this industry, he said, "I am afraid, despite the progress of Iran packaging industry in the fields of product quality and technology, it faces two challenges. The first is the lack of infrastructure for standard transportation. For example, fruit is currently transported by Nissan pick-up in most parts of the country especially in the Northern provinces. That is why; the fruit is exposed to direct rain and sun. Moreover, its place is changed incorrectly in the warehouses. Therefore the rate of waste and damages goes up, while the fruit must be packed according to standard and placed on pallets and moved by lift trucks in warehouses. Also, they should be transported by roofed trucks." 
Nabatchian continued, "The second challenge is the direct sales of orchard owners in the market. Because of the low quantity of their products, there is no place to have standard packages and create surplus value. If the farmers sell their products to wholesalers and if he stores the fruit in the cold storage and sends them to the market in standard packages, the waste will not only decrease but also the surplus value will increase.
Assan Qazvin Co. started its activities on Karaj Special Road in 2003. It launched its production line in Qazvin in 2006. The company has changed into the most modern and the most perfect domestic printing house of labels by launching printing labels containing varied, Q R, Coded, and security data in addition to producing different kinds of cartons, cardboard, and boxes.

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