Lorestan has a suitable capacity to produce industrial powder and to obtain paper

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The head of Iran Mine Engineering Organization said, “Lorestan Province mines have a suitable capacity to produce industrial powder and to obtain paper.”

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According to Tasnim News Agency from Khoramabad, on the sidelines of meeting with the heads of organizations, agencies and mining industries and associations which was held in the conference hall of provincial Organization of Industry, Mine, and Trade, Mr. Nadali Ismaili told the reporters, “Lorestan province has capacities in non-metallic minerals especially in calcium carbonate which is special in the country because it has so many application for the industrial mechanized powder, it can also be used to make white paper.”
Considering Lorestan as the pole of rock in the country, he added, “As per the rules and regulations, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade is to form the legal and real technical offices, but I am afraid this task has not been fulfilled yet. Therefore, we are determined to obtain the directives pertaining to technical offices especially the legal ones as soon as possible so as to prepare them quickly and approve them in a committee of the ministry to be adopted by provincial mining organizations as the executive arm for all mining industries because these technical offices have heave responsibility to provide specialized manpower of the identified organization of engineering system as the technical offices in case of shortage of manpower.”
The head of Iran Mine Engineering Organization said, “Within 10 to 15 days, desk offices to fund mining activities will be announced in organizations of engineering system so that the applicants who need loan do not go to Tehran.”
He said, “The mining sector is sensitive in our country because the national treasury is regarded in the issue of mine and everyone is sensitive about it, and some violations will certainly take place, too.”
Ismaili reiterated, “The shortage of manpower is one of the problems of the Ministry which naturally cannot solve it. As a result, as per the agreements between the Organization of Mining Industry and the Organization of Engineering System, the only way for the Ministry to monitor is through the Organization of Engineering System.
He noted, “The Provincial Organization of Engineering System has over 1200 manpower who are mainly educatedand can monitor the activities in this respect.”
On the exploitation and mining of sands and gravels in Khargoushnab, the head of Iran Mine Engineering Organization said, “Whoever wants to have mining activities must have license, and whoever works without license will be considered smuggler based on Article 19 and will be dealt with.”
He stated, “The operation licenses have a permitted capacity and are allowed to be exploited up to 25%. For more than this level, in the case of production need and when the exploitation will not hurt this sector, they can get the permission to exploit as much as 2 times of the normal capacity from the organization.”

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