A sound competition prevails among paper importers

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The head of Paper and Cardboard Sellers Union said, “Fortunately, a sound competition has prevailed among paper importers for recent months despite the downturn on the market, and paper is imported only by the entrepreneurs of the same guild.

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In an interview with Tasnim, the head of Paper and Cardboard Sellers Union, Seyed Hassan Mirbagheri, referring to the situation of labor market in the second half of the year, said, “The recession is still on the market because the market perhaps has not started to move forward as it should.”  
Of course, buying and selling is going on, but the activities which should be seen have not started yet, and the buyers are working cautiously. At present, 70 gram writing paper is sold between 71000 and 73000 Tomans per ream on the market. Nowadays, market does not experience so much fluctuation.” 
In response to the question whether he, as the head of Paper and Cardboard Sellers Union,  is satisfied with the market condition, Mirbagheri answered, “We are satisfied because the paper is mainly imported by paper sellers and the one who are only active in paper. That is why, the problems had been reduced, and a sound competition prevails among paper importers.”   
Pointing out that if the currency exchange rate goes up, the price of paper will increase, he said, “The paper and the cardboard have a direct connection with the currency exchange rate because 70% of the paper and cardboard of the market is imported. Therefore, we definitely witness an increase in the price on the paper market, and if the currency exchange rate decreases, the prices will decrease.”
In response to the question why the Union does not deal with the violators who import paper with the exchange currency price but sell with free exchange currency rate, Mirbagheri said, “Such a thing is not true. The market is competitive. When the majority of the importers sell their products at a uniform price, if an importer sells its imported product at free price, he will naturally make a loss on the competitive market.”
He reiterated, If it is true, it is not so pervasive. However, I think it is far-fetched that such a violation exists on the current market.”

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