The effect of the increase in the exchange rate on production from the point of view of the Ministry of Industry

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On the increase in the exchange rate, the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade said, "This issue has no direct relation with the Ministry of Industry, but it should be said that some people in industry agree the increase in the exchange rate and some agree the decrease in the exchange rate. It seems the moderate decision to be effective for production.

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According to ISNA, in the meeting of Tabriz Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Mines in reply to the concern of some artisans on the copper status in Azerbaijan, Reza Rahmani said, "The Minister of Industry is also sensitive to this issue and commissioned me to study and make decisions on the issue. However, what is clear is that copper industry is one of the axes of development in East Azerbaijan province, and we want the complete chain of exploration and production to be formed and develop."
He said, "The impact of the reports provided by the scientific centers and economy on macro decision making is very high, and Tabriz Chamber of Commerce is expected to have an important role in this respect."  
He added, "Some laws are being amended in the parliament. If you believe that changes are required to facilitate the production, you should think about it now so that you can help the representatives with decision making by presenting scientific and documented reasons."
Emphasizing on his serious determination to look into the problems of production, the Deputy Minister of Industry said, "I have no physical and mental limitations in serve in industry and have already tried my best to accomplish the missions assigned to me by the Minister."
 Stating which place has greater role than Tabriz on macro decision making, Rahmani added, "Tabrizi artisans have good comments on helping the production which should be submitted to decision makers in writing with a scientific language in order that their ideas will be used by decision makers in national level." 
Referring to the plan of production boom, he said, "The plan is one of the parts of the puzzle to protect production. Although its progress was slow, the speed of the activities has been suitable, and the work is done smoothly. Of course, we do not claim that the plan of production boom will solve all production problems, but a part of the group problems of manufacturers have been organized with this plan."
Pointing to the reports that some banks have provided facilities of the plan of production boom in return of deposit- taking, Rahmani said, "It is against the directive of the Central Bank, and we will follow up the issue." 
He stressed, "What is important is that when helping the production boom, the banks are not on one boat and the industry on the other boat; we all should be in harmony and coordination to develop the country and put the Supreme Leader's order on helping the small industries into effect."
The Deputy Minister of Industry added, "Stimulating the domestic demand and promoting the exort share of production are other government programs to boom the production which are progressing step by step. Therefore, we ask you to present any proposal to facilitate and increase the export so that the required measures will be taken." 

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