Nematzadeh, "15 thousand industrial units have already received banking facilities amounting 11 billion Tomans"

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The Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade said, "82 thousand small and medium industrial units have been anticipate in the facility plan out of which 15 thousand ones have received 11 thousand billion Tomans of facilities.

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According to ISNA News Agency in Isfahan, Mohammadreza Nematzadeh at the Resistance Economy Meeting stated, "Here is the largest industrial province providing 260 thousand direct occupations. Some industrial units have been able to stand on their feet during the difficult conditions of the recent years, but the smaller units have been more vulnerable. Many of them had stopped earlier than the current period, and we should not think that every unit receiving loan will be able to repay it."
He added, "there are 82 thousand small and medium industrial units in the country which are anticipated in the facility plan to give them loan with leniency, ie. if they had had overdrawn check or unpaid installments of loan, they will be entitled to receive loan. So far, 15 thousand units have received their facilities, and the banks have paid them 11 thousand billion Tomans of loan. 
Referring that some provincial banks should speed up the payment of loans and facilities, the Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade said, "The files referred to the ministry and introduced to the banking system should receive their loans as soon as possible because when the industries keep working, the employment will boom."
He pointed out the projects with over 60% of progress in Isfahan and said, "If the projects with over 60% of progress are helped and become active, they will provide over 50 thousand new jobs, and as per our investigation if the units 80% of which are completed are active by the end of the year, 24 thousand jobs will be added in Isfahan. Therefore, we ask all the authorities to contribute so that the country and Isfahan industry will start working and the job creation will boom."
Pointing out again that Isfahan is the most industrial province of Iran, Nematzadeh continued, We have not considered more water using industry for the province, but please help the water of the industry not to decrease. With 1 cubic meter of water, we will create 40 times as many jobs as the agriculture does, and according to the statistics 2% of the water in most provinces belongs to industry. However, in this province due to large industries, the amount of dedicated water to industries is slightly more, but this amount should be kept and should not be reduced, and we will avoid water using industries and will not recommend water using industries for the province."  

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