I resigned twice/ the imports of paper should be reduced, and investors should get to work

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Abolfazl Roghani Golpaigani said,"I resigned twice in April and June this year which was finally agreed because the fresh force should take on the responsibility."

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On an interview with Fars News Agency Book and Literature correspondent about the issue of the factory and paper, ex CEO of Mazandaran Wood and Paper factory, Abolfazl Roghani Golpaigani said, "The government has made a great mistake in the field of packaging paper because the domestic requirement for it is 800 thousand tons, but the domestic capacity of packaging paper production is around 2800 thousand tons more the our requirements. This established capacity is considered a great risk in the field of packaging. "
On the newsprint paper and writing paper, Roghani noted, "There is the possibility of development in the field of writing and newsprint paper, but due to the volume of investment nobody dare to enter in this section. The domestic production of these types of paper is 100 thousand tons, while the requirement for them is 250 thousand tons, so the shortage is felt."
Ex CEO of Mazandaran Wood and Paper factory stressed, "It is possible to invest in glossy and white paper, but the main trend is to import these two types of paper. That is why nobody dare to invest in this field because the imports are supported at present and there is no good prospect of the investment in paper."
On his activity at Mazandaran Wood and Paper factory, he said, "I resigned twice first on April 11 and the second time on June 23 this year because I had become very tired due to 8 years of working as managing director, and I felt the fresh force should take on the responsibility. Finally, my resignation was accepted around two weeks ago and the take-over occurred." 
At the end, he noted, "The shareholders should invest; otherwise they will face crisis in future. It should be a massive investment to be able to get through the crisis, although the factory is on operation, and I hope this process will continue in future, too." 
It should be mentioned that after the approval of the Mazandaran Wood and Paper Factory members of the board and the order of the Chairman of the board of Meli Bank of Iran which is the main shareholder of this Middle East industrial unit, the new CEO of Mazandaran Wood and Paper was appointed. On the basis of the order, Mohammad Sheik Mounessi was appointed as the new CEO of Mazandaran Wood and Paper, and Abolfazl Roghani Golpaigani was thanked for his effort during his responsibilities."

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