Non standard sweet boxes will be confiscated

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Tehran Standard Director General announced the confiscation of non standard sweet boxes in the province.

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In an interview with ISNA, Moslem Bayat, referring to serious supervision over the proper implementation of standards in different fields in Tehran, stated, "One of the items on the agenda of Tehran Standard General Office is to monitor the existing sweet boxes in confectioneries, and the standard inspectors regularly inspect the confectionery to control these boxes.
Stating that 10 tons of non standard sweet boxes have already been destroyed, he continued, "The standard experts have made 200 inspections of confectioneries of the city so far since the beginning of the year during which they have complained against 7 confectioneries using non standard boxes to the court.
According to the Director General of Tehran Standard, sweet cardboard boxes under the brands of Nafis (Darvish) and Fajr are non standard and should be refrained from using.
Bayat told about the problems can be caused by non standard sweet boxes, "In terms of health, non standard sweet boxes may threaten the health of people, especially the children due to their high microbial load. 
He added, "On the other hand, some of the produced boxes have different weight from the standard weights." 

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