The production is still crippling because of the recession/ the unreal exchange rate is the reason for trafficking

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The head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines, pointing out the entrepreneurs are still facing financial problems and the problems resulted from recession continues, said, " The unreal exchange rate is one of the reasons for trafficking

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According to Mehr New Agency, emphasizing the necessity for the boom in the field of tourism in the 19th Meeting of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines, Masoud Khansari said, "An economic delegation invited by Taiwan went there during the last two weeks which was a successful trip, and we hope to see its positive impacts on our country."
Referring to the success of the OPEC oil executives, he added, "The rate of the oil has already reached at 50 $ a barrel due to the oil executives' arrangements, and we hope the rate will increase more so that the budget deficit will be compensated."
The head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines, referring to the major challenges which have remained in the economic sector despite the economic growth in this spring, stated, "The entrepreneurs and businesses are facing the problem of liquidity and working capital. Moreover, there is a shortage of demand for most products, and the factories are no working at their nominal capacities."
Stating that the sectors of investment and construction are still in recession, Khansari said, "Although the industrial sector has had the growth, the construction industries are in recession. In addition, the government debts to contractors have still been unpaid, and despite releasing negotiable bonds, a part of them are unsold." 
Pointing out that the domestic banks have not been able to establish a strong correlation with global banks yet, he added, "We hope the government tries its best to resolve the problems. We also have problems with exports and industries which create challenges for us in international competition." 
Stating that the business environment is unfavorable in Iran, the head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines said, "The exchange rate is still unreal which creates numerous problems for the domestic economy."
Khansari considered unreal exchange rate one of the reasons of trafficking and said, "We change the tariffs to prevent trafficking which itself is one of the causes of trafficking in the country, and in the meantime this matter undermines our position in the international indexes.
He said, "Fortunately the bill of the sixth plan has started to be reviewed in the parliament Joint Commission, and we expect the items which can help the economy to boom and exit from recession will be included in the sixth plan."
Referring to the problems of unemployment and occupation, the head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines said, "Curbing corruption in all the system, the issue of water scarcity in the country, and improving the business atmosphere are the important issues which must be considered in the sixth plan." 

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