Zech Republic can be active in Mineral industries in Iran by financing

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The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade said, "Czech Republic is interested to cooperate with Iran in the field of special underground mining machinery, but the important issue is to finance projects which should be accepted.

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An interview with IRNA economic correspondent pn Wednesday, Mehdi Karbassian said, "The Czech Republic does not have a so long record of cooperation in the field of Iran's mines, but it has had special relations with Tehran in the field of imports and exports since its independence.
He noted, "Czech extracts underground mining while in our country apart from coal mines, most mines are extracted in the form of open-pit mining."
The Chairman of Iran's Mines and Mineral Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) said, "The Islamic Republic can take advantage of the Czech Republic machinery in open-pit and underground mines which has suitable quality and which can be compared to and compete with European machinery."
Introducing the cooperation in the field of rare soil elements and research activities as the other fields of cooperation between Tehran and Prague, he said, "China, South Africa, The USA, and Australia are considered the world's significant mining countries, and Czech's capacity in this sector is not comparable with the mentioned countries."
Karbassian pointed out, "Iran as a potential country in the field of minerals is ready for cooperation with the Czech Republic in this sector."
He added, "The two countries are supposed to form a working committee in the next two months in order to identify the fields of cooperation. Regarding the worn out machines used in Iran, our country can take advantage of the Czech Republic capability in this sector."
The Chairman of IMIDRO added, "Iran is facing the shortage of updated mineral machinery in which the investment should be made. If Czech has suitable proposals and offers high quality machinery with the relevant finance, we will welcome their technology in this sector."
Karbassian continued, "A group of Czech experts is going to be sent to Iran. If the cooperation is to be followed in the field of mines and mineral industries, the envoys at higher levels can be dispatched to Tehran and Prague." 
According to IRNA, Ali Tayebnia, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, called for the formation of a joint working committee to draw the road map of developing the cooperation between the two countries during his visit to Prague and meeting with the Czech Republic Minister of Industry and Trade last year."  
Tayebnia had said, "The volume of the trade between Iran and the Czech Republic is not acceptable, and we expect to witness a serious change in this field."
He expressed his hope that the Czech officals' visit to Tehran would lead to an agreement in principle on encouraging and supporting the investment as well as customs cooperation."
The Czech Minister of Industry and Trade, Mládek said that his country had had a strong presence in the commercial market and technical and industrial fields in Iran and they would be interested to return the commercial and economic relations between the two countries at a desirable level once again.
According to Mládek, the Czech Republic is ready to cooperate with Iran in the fields of manufacturing machinery, car industry, mining, industries, technology, agriculture, printing and paper making industry, water treatment and seawater desalination, manufacturing parts, and many other areas of industries. He added, "After 12 years, the visit of Iran's Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance is evaluated a good sign for the beginning of a new chapter for the mutual relations."

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