Finland's economic relations with Iran rise

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The Republic of Finland's ambassador in Iran point to the existing investment opportunities in different sectors of Iran, said, "The economical relations between Finland and Iran will increase."

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According to IRNA, in an interview with IRNA reporter in Semnan on Saturday, Harri Kämäräinen, stated the president of the Republic of Finland will visit Iran in November this year to create the background for the increase in the bilateral relations in all fields and announced that his objectives to visit Semnan province were to be familiar with the capacities and the investment opportunities and to pave the way for the updated technology of Finland to be imported to Iran.
He said, " Sauli Niinistö, the president of the Republic of Finland will travel to Iran with the trade and other delegations of the country which will create appropriate business opportunities for the two countries."
He pointed out, "In July 2016, Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs attending at the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Finland, while talking with Sauli Niinistö, the president of the Republic of Finland, submitted Dr. Rohani 's official invitation to our president." 
The ambassador of the Republic of Finland noted, "The Wood & Paper Conference will soon be held in Iran for which 15 top manufacturers of wood from different countries will travel to Iran. The conference can provide platforms for the relations between Iran and other countries."
 Calling Finland a country with diverse capabilities and a pioneer in the field of updated technology, he added, "Singapore uses Finland's elevator technology, and Argentina and Brazil take advantage of its agricultural technology."
Kämäräinen state, "Finland used to be a leading cell phone manufacturer several years ago, but at present this field has been closed, and the country's main activity is in the fields of networking and manufacturing medical equipment.
The ambassador of the Republic of Finland introduced machinery, updated packaging equipment for fruit and vegetables, and the equipment of wastewater treatment to combat against pollution as other technologies of his country.
He continued, "Finland may be a small country on the map, but it is very big in respect of business."
Stating that Semnan province has a very significant role in business, he added, "The ancient relics and coins of this province indicate that Semnani ancestors were interested and active in international trades."
He said, " The Silk Road would connect Western Europe to China in the past, and Semnan is located in the middle of this road. At present, its geographical location is a great opportunity for the province."
Harri Kämäräinen, the ambassador of Finland in Iran has visited Semnan for the third times. It is a two- day trip.

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