The massive investment of two foreign countries in the printing industry

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The Printing & Publication Managing Director of the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance announced the "proper investment" of Austria and Pakistan in printing field of Tehran, Hamedan, Khorasan Razavi provinces.

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According to Mehr News Agency quoting from the news headquarters of the 16th Festival of Printing Industry, attending the ceremony of celebrating the North Khorasan's  activists in Printing industry,  the Printing  & Publication Managing Director of the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance stated, "We have not been able to make a logical relations between printing & publication and other industries. That is why our packaging industry is very weak in our country, and we have to sell crude products. 
Stating that there is no balance between our requirement and the product sales, he said, "Massive imports and our weakness in production and processing have caused loss for this industry. Numerous billboards used in the cities for different occasions, various types of credit and deposit cards, tissue packages, etc need the printing industry. 
Barazesh added, "Selling crude products decreases the rate of profit. We should use creativity in the type of packaging to increase the sales which also requires investment in printing industry."
The Printing & Publication Managing Director of the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance referred to the problems of the investment in the printing industries and said, "Since printing and publication machinery requires a very high cost, at first stage the domestic producers and then foreign investors should be invited to invest in this industry."
He stressed, "Tehran, Hamedan, and Khorasan Razavi provinces have acted very successfully, and now Austrian and Pakistani investors have invested very well in these cities."
Stating the negative balance of imports and exports in domestic printing , Barazesh continued, "We cause of being a specific language in the field of books and the weakness of investment, there no import and exports."
Pointing that the field of export transactions was less than 10%, the official said, "150 million books excluding textbooks were printed last year. The paper consumed for the textbooks and newspapers was respectively 110 and less than 100 thousand tons."
Barazesh reiterated, "Iran's ranking in the field of printing and publication is 5th now, while the Prediction Vision plan has stressed the anticipation of Iran's first ranking in the region."
He named Azerbaijan Republic and Afghanistan and some middle Asian countries as the destinations of export for Iranian printed products and said, "The method of marketing in these countries has to be revised so that the rate of exports to them will increase."
Following the ceremony, Hossein Sabetghadam Vahid, North Khorasan Director General of Islamic Culture and Guidance noted the importance of printing industry and said, "The printing industry is among the first 5 important industries of the world. Moreover, it also forms the foundation of culture."
He added, "The industry in or province faces hardware and software problems. We need national commitment to solve them."
According to the report, at the end of the ceremony, the North Khorasan activists in the field of printing and publication were celebrated."

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