Paper making industry revived by the economic policy resistance

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The head of the parliament cultural commission said, “Paper making industry was revived by adopting the resistance economic policy.

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According to Fars News Agency, in a series of discretionary congregations of 57 policy about the resistance economic policy, oil contracts, astronomical salaries, and FATF held at Quran and prophet’s progeny religious site in Mashhad on Saturday night, Hojjat-al-Isalm Nasrollah Pezhmanfar said, “Introspection and extrospection should be considered in the resistance economy.”
He continued, “Regarding the attempts of economical commission, the field of the industry has been taken into consideration.” 
Referring to the measures taken by the parliament to implement the resistance economy , this representative announced, “In the paper making industry, there was an inappropriate recession in the comparison of domestic paper with the foreign paper, and many paper making mills were closed for which some measures have been taken.”
On implementation of the resistance economy in paper industry, Pezhmanfar continued, “Identifications were carried out by the parliament, and an interim two-year was defined for paper manufacturers in which the manufacturers could increase their capabilities at a standard by the collaboration of Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Industry.”
He added, “The reports suggest that these factories are engaged in two shifts of production and activities.”
On the other measures taken by the parliament to bring the resistance economy into existence, the MP from Mashhad and Kalat said, “Also actions were taken in the field of textile and clothing to help the production of cotton, yarn, textile, textile printing, and sewing.”
He added, “Clothing is not considered only an economical issue, but cultural approaches have been taken ib this regard.”  
Each Iranian will have an insurance code at birth.
Later on in this meeting, Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh also said, “The parliament seeks some reforms for the insurance of the poor.”
The member of the Health Commission of the Parliament continued, “A test of ability to identify the people who need insurance will be carried out, we will witness that each Iranian will have an insurance code at birth.” 

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