The contract of supplying 4 thousand tons of paper has been signed with the ministry of education/ Excessive imports are still continuing

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The managing director of Mazandaran Wood and Paper factory announced the contract of supplying 4 thousand tons of paper with the ministry of education for new academic year.

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In an interview with Rasnim Online correspondent on new production of the factory, Abolfazl Roghani Golpayegani said, "We have produced around 15 million homework notebooks in Mazandaran factory this year to fulfill our share in national production according to this year motto and the supreme leader's emphasis on national production. 
He added, “These homework notebooks have been distributed in Shahrvand Department Stores, and people’s demand for them was very good. However, we expect some foundations, like Assisting Committee of Imam Khomeini, to purchase these notebooks and include them in their supported children’s stationary basket.”
On their contract with the Ministry of Education, Roghani said, “This year, we have made contract around 4 thousand tons to supply their requirements. Of course, we had expected the quantity would have been more, but we reached the mentioned quantity as per the contract.”
The managing director of Mazandaran Wood and Paper factory continued his comments on the import issues and said, “After the sanctions were lifted and even despite the leader’s emphasis on domestic production, the paper market is not in a good condition. Some people claim that the paper produced domestically has low quality. In response, I tell them we use the machinery which is used in the other exporting countries.” 
Roghani emphasized, “A big problem we are facing in the country is the irrational permission given to newly established manufacturing units; All these units tend to produce packaging paper. However, although the domestic requirement for packaging paper is 700 thousand tons, the capacity of production including the capacity of the newly established manufacturers, is 2.5 million tons. ”

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