The costs will be reduced in paper making industries by the using nanotechnology

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The researcher at Behbahan Khatam-ol- Anbia University said, “Based on the results of a research, an imported expensive material used in paper industries can be replaced with a nanomaterial domestically produced, and the relevant costs will be reduced.

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The scientific team of IRNA News Agency reported from the Developing Nanotechnology Special Council on Thursday that the industrialization of this lab project will reduce not only the costs but also the outflow of foreign currency in the paper industry. 
Bagasse, the consumable material, which forms from 20 to 30 percent of the weight of the cane, is produced from sugarcane. 
In fact, bagasse, which is brown and in the form of microchip of wood, is the fibrous residue remained after the extraction of sugar and is used for the production of paper.   
In order to improve the mechanical properties of the paper made from bagasse, other fibers are used in the structure of paper. In addition, some of these additives will increase the production costs of paper. 
The researchers in our country have conducted researches to replace the expensive imported materials with low cost domestic products. 
Emphasizing on the necessity of the mentioned project, the executor, Reza Ghafran said, “Around 15% imported long fiber pulp is added to produce writing paper in order that the produced paper will have desirable properties.”
According to him, based on this study, they tried to substitute the imported long fiber with low cost nano-cellulose. 
Ghafran added, “Using the results of the project will both prevent the outflow of foreign currency and reduce the costs associated with the paper production process.” 
He continued, “The increased strength resulted from adding cellulose nanofibers which increase hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces between bagasse pulp and cellulose nanofibers.”
The project supported by Pars Paper Industries was  carried out as Reza Ghafran’s master’s thesis under the guidance of Dr. Mohammad Hadi Moradian and Dr. Mohammad Ali Saadatnia at Behbahan Khatam-ol- Anbia University. 

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