Asgaroladi: the Chinese will not change with any country

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Expressing full readiness to guarantee Chinese business investment in Iran, Iran- China Chamber President said, "Even though Westerners tend to replace Chinese, we will change China with no country."

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According to ISNA, on the sidelines of the conference of trade cooperation and the meeting of Iranian ad Chinese businesspeople on bilateral business of the two countries today, Tuesday, Assadullah Asgaroladi said, "For the last 16 years, Iran- China Chamber of Business has always tried to improve the bilateral relations of the two countries. We have promised the trading volume to exceed 60 billion USD and even reach 70 billion USD during the Six Development Plan and the Country's 20-Year Vision Document. 
Referring to the different delegations that have visited and will visit Iran after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), he said, "Iran's relations with China have been drawn up for the coming 50 years and the arrival of various delegations will not prejudice the relations between Iran and China."
Stating that entrepreneurs have the mission to reach the trading border of 60 billion USD, Asgaroladi said, "We are hoping that this trading relations reach the border of 80 billion USD in ten years, and even the president of Iran expressed hope that this figure will reach the border of 100 billion USD in 20 years. We should keep the share of exports to China as it has already had the first rank of our exports while we are in dire need of imports from China, too."
Iran- China Chamber of Commerce president while encouraging Chinese businessmen to invest in Iran said, " We will give the required guarantee to them in Iran and are confident that nothing can compete joint ventures, so we are fully ready to guarantee investments."
Asgaroladi stated, "We will witness the arrival of the largest trade delegations from China to Iran." and continued, "Chabahar can be regarded as the marine Silk Road of the 21st century."
Referring the tourism between Iran and China, he kept on, "The Chinese tourists arriving in our country consider Iran a transit country, but we want them to regard Iran as a destination country."
At te end, Iran-China Chamber of Commerce president noted, "China has a special place for us; even though Westerners tend to replace Chinese, we will change China with no country, but we need the banking relation between Iran and China to open for the further development of our business relations."

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