Plants in Mazandaran delayed due to environmental permits

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The Managing Director of Mazandaran and Golestan Regional Electricity Company said, "The construction of power plant in the cities of Amol and Mahmudabad was delayed due to the process of environmental permits."

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In an interview with the Mehr News Agency, Hossein Afzali added, "The main solution to this problem is to construct power plants in the cities of Amol and Mahmudabad the permits for which were issued in 2011 by Tavanir, but the process of construction was delayed due to environmental issues stressed by Environmental Organization that there should be no village or residential area within 1500 meters of the power plants.
Stating that due to the conditions of Mazandaran plain, no region can be found with the mentioned conditions of location where there should be no settlement within that radius, he added, "The required measures to follow up the case were taken in the previous government, and the environmental consultancy and studies have been made, but the environmental officials in the country still insist on their own reasons."    
On the proposed power plant, the Head of the Coordination Council of Managers of Mazandaran Energy and Water Industry said, "The power plant uses natural gas and only uses diesel on the occasion of repairs. It should be noted that based on the National Security Council on the field of passive defense, diesel as an alternative fuel should be taken into consideration, too. Otherwise, the plant is not approved."  
Afzali stressed, "This power plant is required for the central regions of Mazandaran province. If Environmental Organization does not cooperate to issue permission, the cities of Amol, Babol, Babolsar, Royan, and a part of Mahmudabad will certainly face blackout in the seasons of high peak consumption of electricity. The electricity should be cut off on the occasion of peak consumption in these regions even with the installation of the electricity line of 400 kV.
He stated, "The required correspondence was made, and the relevant authorities have to make decisions. The governor and the provincial environment organization had the necessary cooperation so that the permission to install turbines "Class F" was issued. They emphasized not to install fuel tanks. However, these turbines are not domestically manufactured and should be purchased and imported which has its own problems.   
Concerning the power plant of Sorkhroud, Mahmudabad and 500 MW power plant of Amol, the Managing Director of Mazandaran Regional Electricity Company said, "The Sorkhroud Power Plant is the last governmental plant in the country the permission of which was conditionally issued in last March after 5 years but it has not been operational yet. The 500 MW Power Plant which is supposed to be installed by private sector is still waiting to have permission."
Stating that what has caused delays in the construction of this plant is environmental permits, Afzali added, "The delay in commissioning Sorkroud Power Plant has worried us about the onset of warm season, we are concerned that the citizens of the central regions of the province (Amol, Babol, Babolsar, Royan, and a part of Mahmudabad) will face the problems of black-outs."
The debts of 5 billion tomans of the industries to Mazandaran and Golestan Regional Electricity Company
The Head of the Coordination Council of Managers of Mazandaran Energy and Water Industry stressed on the need to manage power consumption in all regions of the province and urged the provincial electricity subscribers to adjust air conditioners at 25 degrees Celsius in order that the consumption in the whole province will be reduced. 
While stating the amount of electricity generated by Neka's Martyred Salimi Power Plant is 2000 MW, he said, "The 13 industrial heavy consumers of Mazandaran and Golestan Provinces are Wood and Paper Industries, Neka Cement Co., Kiasar Cement Co., Kaleh Co., four oil subscribers, Iranian Albortz Steel Co., Golestan Steel Co., Pars Chipboard, etc.  
Afzali said, " No subscriber has ever faced power outage because of not paying the bill. Of course the subscribers' debts are followed up to be settled, and the total debts of some companies to electricity company is around 5 billion Tomans."

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