Progress Inscri‌ption supply 65 percent of the paper mill Harsin

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Kermanshah – The director of Harsin Tamin Bisotun Paper mill reported on the 65% progress of the project and its commissioning in 2017.

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According to Mehr News Agency, Kermanshah Governor, Assadullah Razani visited Harsin Tamin Bisotun Paper mill following his trip to Harsin before noon Wednesday. 
The head of the plant, Morteza Amjadian stated during this visit, "The construction of the plant started in 2010. At first, the project faced executive problems. After a one-year hiatus, the new contractor was determined and started the project in 2013. 
Talking about the project 65%  physical progress, he added, "Other matters such as inadequate road access and the problem of electricity  are the among other issues which should be fixed and for which the required actions should be taken."
Amjadian noted, "Receiving loan from Industry, Mine, and Trade is also another issue we are facing." 
Announcing that the annual production capacity of the factory will be 99 thousand tons or 300 tons per day, he stated, "The total initial investment of the factory was 100 billion tomans which leads to the direct employment of 170 people." 
Amjadian said, "Based on the structural drawings, the project is complete and ready, and now we are in the stage of finalizing contracts."
Stating that the project should have been completed by the end of 2016, he added, "The project is a national asset that has been stopped for several years, and the necessary measures should be taken to complete it."
Amjadian, stating that the project will be commissioned in 2017, noted that the area surface of the factory is 40 hectares, out of which 13 hectares is industrial."

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