Chairman of the Confederation of Iranian Export said,

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"Based on the four –decade experience of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the industry cannot be supported by tariff wall because the increase in tariffs causes the official import not to be economical and to fuel the trafficking of goods.

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As per the report of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture, Mohammad Lahooti added, "The difference between this year book of import and export regulations and the last year one is that there were 10 rows in 10 commodity groups,  but this year they have changed into 8 rows. This is positive in terms of global ranking and facilitating international trade rules.
He said, "The decline in the classification has led certain commodities to be placed in the groups  the import tariffs of which have been increased without reason."   
Lahooti added, "Cardboard is domestically produced and used in packaging industries. Moreover, it has great impact on export. Suddenly its tariff has 4.5% increased. This amount will be more if we calculate its relevant added value tax, import duties etc.
Lahooti said, "The eleventh Cabinet tried very much to facilitate the conditions, there is industrial thinking in the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Mines. That is why the increase in tariff happened. This approach is against Iran's joining the World Trade Organization."
He added, "Today, the country requires the laws which are both facilitating and can decrease trafficking."
Lahooti claimed, "The current tariff provides the conditions for trafficking and opportunity for jobbers."
He said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has plenty of land and water boundaries which seem uncontrollable. On the other side, the tax laws are not properly enforced, and the invoice is not issued for the sale of goods."
The Chairman of the Confederation of Iranian Exports said, "Raising tariff on certain commodities just increases government's revenues. On the other hand, it provides opportunity for misuse. In fact, the opportunities which are prevented from the government's informal import are much more. 
He called the policy of tariff wall "for the sake of industry, in favor of government". 
According to IRNA, the value of non-oil export amounted to 42 billion 415 million USD. Out of this amount, the share of liquid gas was 6 billion 664 million USD, the share of industry and petrochemicals was 30 billion and 486 million USD, that of agriculture was 3 billion 988 million USD, the share of nines was 944 million USD, and the share of carpets and handicrafts was 333 million USD.  
The 12-month value of none-oil export in last year, compared with that of the year before last, shows a decrease of 7% and 16% in weight and value respectively. Industry and petrochemical came in the first place with 71.9 % of total export value, and carpets and handicrafts dedicated less than 1% of the value of total none-oil exports to themselves.  

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