Chinese in compliance with our policies can remain in Iran

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The Deputy Minister of Industries said, "Concerning the tariffs set, the Chinese should rapidly consider developing the inside of their products, otherwise they will be removed from Iran's car market next year.

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In an interview with ILNA on the negotiations with Europeans to take part in various industries in Iran, Mr. Salehinya stated, "Many industrial products are domestically manufactured which are not limited only to car industries, such as textiles, food, minerals, mines, metal, and household appliances for the production of which we need cooperation.
Stating that we emphasize on two points in the cooperation with other countries, he said, "The mentioned cooperation should lead to the promotion of technological level and cost reduction."
The Deputy Minister of Industries noted, "The type of technology, the use of supply chain and raw materials, parts, technical, engineering, and training know-how are among the other points that we emphasize on."
Salehinya, stating that we should be able to jointly find new markets, reiterated, "Certainly it will not be right if we think everything should be in our favor, or if the other parties think that all rules should be in their favor, but based on the rule of win-win, we can jointly accomplish our mutual cooperation."
In response to the question of how long the cooperation with Chinese partners will continue in car industries, Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade stated, "Any country, whether China or other countries, that complies with our policies can remain on Iran's market. It is the only secret for them to continue their activities, and they should not think they can remain on the market by only assembling line."  

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