Austrian official: Iran is significant competition for market presence

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The business development manager of Austrian Co. (RIEGL), active in the production of a variety of scanners, laser ranger finders and metering used in civil and mapping said,

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"We are well aware of foreign companies welcoming the presence on Iran's market because the level of the competitionis intense.
In an interview with IRNA economic correspondent, Nikolaus Studnicka added, "Our company started its activities in Iran 18 years ago and is interested and tries to expand the scope of its activities in order to have a role in the economical development in this country. 
According to Studnicka who had recently visited Tehran with the representatives of other Austrian companies, the preparation of three-dimensional model of Persepolis in 15 years ago and the restoration of Arg-e-Bam (after 1382/2003) in cooperation with Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization were among the company's previous actions in Iran. 
The CEO of the representative company of RIEGL Austria in Iran, Mehdi Boroumand announced IRNA's correspondent, "The first mountainous mapping project in Kurdistan's province to construct dams in the region was accomplished with the cooperation of a RIEGL's team of professionals where an arduous human work of three months was performed in one day.
According to Boroumand, laser scanners made by RIEGL provide three-dimensional color maps are regarded as legal documents for structures. They are used to consider the possibility of the repair and the maintenance of historic monuments and even provide prosecutions. 
According to IRNA, the trade delegation from the state of Lower Austria travelled to Iran on April 24th. The State of Lower Austria is the northeast state of the country's 9 states, the capital of which is Sankt Pölten.
Petra Bohuslav, the Ministry of Economy, Tourism, and Culture in the state of Lower Austria, on the sidelines of the economic summit of Iran and Austria in Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture held on April 24th stressed, " We are now in the beginning of the relations. The important point is that we intend to expand the bilateral relations with Iran and will take any required action."
She mentioned, "The first step to develop the economical relations with Iran will be to increase the trade volume between the two countries."
On her trip to Arak city, she told the reporters, " The managers and the directors of 40 industrial companies have been volunteered to travel to Iran in order to establish business and commercial relations with Iranian companies. In this respect, in addition to visit Iran and to evaluate the Industrial, agricultural, and Tourist capacities, they will make arrangements for close business relations. 
The 110-member economic delegation of Islamic Republic of Iran's private sector went to Austria in the second week of the first month of Iranian calendar year to participate in the economic congress between the two countries, the seminar of acquainting with different aspects of city management and planning of Vienna, and specialized meeting with the authorities of the Central Bank of Austria. 
The two sides signed eight cooperating agreements amounting over 2 billion Euros. 
Austria is a landlocked country  in Central Europe which is bordered by the Czech Republic ,  Germany , Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia , and Switzerland . 
Its GDP has located Austria in the rank of twenty seventh country of the world's GDP, and around 28% of its GDP comes from comes from the added values of the industrial sector.   
In this sector, the largest shares respectively belong to the production of basic metals and metal products, industrial machinery, food, beverage and tobacco, transport equipment, paper and paper products, and electric equipment.  

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