Pulp production plant construction contract in Kazakhstan

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The Head of Gilan's Science and Technology Park announced the construction contract of pulp production plant in Kazakhstan by using the capabilities of this park.

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According to Fars News Agency of Rasht, this evening in the meeting of Gilan's Agricultural Council, Majid Motaqytalab pointing to the potentials of the Science and Technology Park in various fields, especially in agriculture, stated, "Building the pulp production plant using rice husks and straws has an impressive decrease in the waste of agricultural products." 
Pointing to the commissioning of the mentioned plant in Sowme'eh Sara, he added,"The pulp production plant from the waste of agricultural products has been installed and commissioned by using local knowledge and private sector's investment."
Motaqytalab stated, "After the inauguration of the pulp production plant from the waste of agricultural products, different individuals and teams from provinces and abroad visited the plant." He added," We made four contracts to build a factory in other provinces including Mazanderan and one contract in the country of Kazakhstan."
Mentioning Kazakhstan as a country of agricultural products having waste in this field, the Head of Gilan's  Science and Technology Park said, "The initial contract to build a pulp manufacturing plant from the waste of agricultural products has been made, and we are trying to install this factory."
He, pointing to the production conditions of poultry meat in Gilan province, said, "Poultry meat production using probiotic instead of antibiotics has been started in many countries."
Pointing out that the probiotic production has started in the province, Motaqytalab stated, "It is possible to send the produced probiotic in Gilan out of the province."
The head of Gilan's Science and Technology Park while referring to the commissioning of the probiotic production line in Feshtam's semi-industrial center noted, "Commissioning the mentioned line has created a great potential for the province."
He reported the design of an electric fence in Gilan's Science and Technology Park and added, "The mentioned fence has been tested to prevent cattle from entering farms. Meanwhile, the electronic fence has other applications, and we should use this capacity."
Motaqytalab mentioned the production of algae as one of the measures taken in Gilan's Science and Technology Park and stated, "The produced algae has been tested as a food supplement in some fish farming pools, and it has been very satisfactory according to fish farmers.

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