Mazanderan Wood & Paper Industries CEO said:

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This company has no choice but to implement development projects because they will be the lifeblood.

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According to Mehr News Agency, Abolfazl Roghani added in a ceremony honoring the workers of Mazanderan Wood & Paper Industries on Friday night, "The development project is the method of coping with economical damages, and our company has no choice but to implement development projects."
Mazandran Wood & Paper industries CEO said, "The state despite lack of revenue and empty treasury , as well as ambiguous international relations has been on a path which bring us economical prosperity and ideal international relations within a few months; it will provide Mazanderan Wood & Paper with promising good and visionary days."
Inviting the workers to patience and hope for Mazanderan Wood & Paper Industries, he expressed hopefully, "With our struggles and attempts, more success will be added to our company's honor record in 2016."
Mazandran Wood & Paper industries CEO added, "The problems of Mazandran Wood & Paper industries have originated from the specific circumstances of the country, and we should proudly say that the countries that were supposed to confront us militarily are now in the line of making economical relations." 
He added, "When a crisis arises, right and fundamental rather than emotional and epic decisions should be made. If not, there will be detrimental effects for the society." 
The CEO added, "Suicide, dramatic, mistrustful, reactive, and disturbing management can be named as the pests of management disease. On the opposite side of these pests and diseases are hope and struggles which can be seen in each of our colleagues."
On another part of his speech, he declared, "Today, our company is not the previous Mazandran Wood & Paper industries, but it is in the middle of a global competitive war and campaign and has to have something to present." 
Ali Yunessi, the [political and security deputy of Mazanderan governor, referring to hard circumstances of the country during the eight-year sacred defense, stated, " At that time, when the Islamic Republic of Iran was confronting 37 different countries of the world, it was the workers who in addition to keeping and protecting the production barricades granted dignity to Iran by fighting along with the militants in the front trenches."
Javad Forghani, the head of labor council of Mazandran Wood & Paper industries, also said, "The current workers' problems have not been caused by legal gap but by lack of law enforcement. In the Industrial sectors and production units where there is a fair employer and which is also supervised by the government, the level of implementation of labor law is better, but in most cases the implementation of labor law faces serious challenges. 
In a part of his speech, Forghani, criticizing the transfer of governmental factories to private sector, reiterated, "The problem of assigning factories unskillfully and their consequent closure exists in all provinces of the country, and Mazenderan is not an exception, either. 
He stated, "Unfortunately, after this kind of assignment, not only did the targets for production, development, and progress come true, but also we witnessed the closure and changes in the function of the industrial plants assigned to unqualified individuals. 
The head of labor council of Mazandran Wood & Paper industries emphasized, "One of the clauses of resisting economy talks about strengthening the working force. When the working force is not empowered, it is not productive and beneficial. Meanwhile, the lack of the enforcement of the laws and regulation leading to recession does not relate to workers and workers are not to be blamed for the recession. 
The  vice president of the coordinating center  of labor councils in Mazanderan province , while referring to numerous problems in Mazandran Wood & Paper industries in 1394 (2015) stated, "Despite all problems such as lack of raw materials, the unprofessional plan of forest rest, lack of liquidity and cash flow, excessive import of paper & the low tariff on import, and the barrier to import timber, we hope this company will be able to overcome the mentioned problems with its managing director's  discretion and its workers unity and solidarity.  

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