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Shenzhen Guanglei Electronic Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in developing, designing, producing and selling of healthcare appliance items. Thanks to our united team, we constantly have new products by introducing high technology and implementing efficient management and good training. As the Guanglei electronic mold and plastic factory found in 2004, we have many advanced equipment in mold field, such as lathe, grinder, milling machine, drilling machine, electric spark electric discharge machine, and precision injection molding machine. Our specialized designer create software and preview the final product by using colorful dynamic 3D computer drawing program to give our customer a best choice and good service in short time.

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Air purifier
1) Clean the indoor air thoroughly, adhesive dust, particle, hair and farina effectively. 2) Eliminate the odors, smog, oil smog and prevent electrostatics 3) Kill bacteria, germ, virus which is harmful and cancer- easy- caused in the air. 4) Increase inner room oxygen content and generate healthy negative ion to improve the indoor air quality
Car Air purifier
1. Advanced high technology: Self research and developed Nano TiO2 with more than ten year’s hard work of a doctor who had ever studied in Japan. 2. Smart control, quick and convenient 3. Timing Ozone Detoxification, safe and reliable. 4. Security warning: Double safe setting 5. Seven-purify system 6. Quickly and thoroughly clear the odor and decompose the harmful substance, no second contamination.
Ultrasonic humidifier
1. Beauty: moisture and take good care of your skin make you look healthier and lovely, negative oxygen ion can be spray to face directly to affect the facial cell, all this will make the skin more smooth and fine. 2. Moisture: Moisture the indoor air, and refresh you to work with higher efficient 3. Life care: adopt living oxygen treatment, release negative oxygen ion, alleviate aging, it will make you look sharp. 4. Health care: It has over- oxygen device which can help to kill the bacteria and virus, prevent decease. 5. Oxygen increase: it can break up the odor, oxygenized the indoor harmful gas and gas which is cancer-easy-caused to increase the indoor oxygen and improve the air status. 6. with the special medicine, it prevents the virus which can cause bird flu, pneumonia, to bring patient a good caring space. 7. Decoration: with fragrant essence, it builds a romantic atmosphere for the modern family.
Water generator
(1) It’s used for washing hand to kill virus, bacteria and reduce decease (2) It can eliminate the harmful substance such as remained pesticide on rice; (3) Degrade the remained Agrochemical on vegetable (4) To soak all kinds of animal meat can reduce hormone and the growth hormone. (5) To clean dishware with the ozone water can kill virus, bacteria, prevent decease. (6) For cleaning and brushing teeth, removing the bad smell of mouth, and assist to cure pharyngitis, Stomatitis, and so on. (7) To soak your face with it can remove the filth and the cosmetic remaining to prevent virus growing and improve the skin repiration and expedite metabolism, smooth skin, and at the same time have good effect on killing facial mite. (8) Clean feet, kill virus and prevent from virus growing, assist to cure all kinds of skin decease, remove the peculiar smell. (9) Use the water to wash hair or take shower can prevent skin decease effectively, especially for lady. (10) Use for cleaning baby clothes and urine cloth and bed clothing, nipple, dishware and toy to kill the virus and bacteria (11) Use for cleaning teeth brush, towel, basin and so on to kill virus and prevent decease. (12) Use for washing clothes can save detergent and kill virus, prevent cross infection and reduce decease. (13) Pour the water from tank A to tank B of the generator
fruit and vegetable disinfection
2. Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetable 3. Air purify: kill virus and detoxification, prevent infective decease; remove the dust and odor to purify the air and make your indoor living circumstance forest like 4. Remove odor: dispel the odor of toilet, refrigerator, wardrobe and pet housing and so on. 5. Children stuff purify: kill virus and purify the children stuff and assure the sanitary and healthy 6. Cook tool and dishware detoxification: kill virus and detoxification, assure safe and healthy. 7. Underwear and towel detoxification: kill virus and detoxification on the commodity, keep sanitary and healthy. 8. It’s used for washing face and brushing teeth: Skin care, alleviate aging, keep mouth clean, and prevent decease. 9. Virus killing and detoxification of fish jar: kill virus and detoxification, break up the impurity substance, increase the oxygen density and prevent aquatic decease and reduce the water change frequency. 10. Pet detoxification: remove odor from pet, prevent parasite and remove odor.

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