Hualian Decoration Material Corporation

China - Guangzhou

Hualian Decorative Materials Corporation (HDMC) is the Guangzhou representative office and Guangdong general agent of nation’s main wallpaper manufactories. HDMC, which has been specializing in wallpaper industry for ten-odd years, holds high reputation by clients in China In the spirit of “Sincerity-oriented, blaze new trails and forge ahead”,HDMC introduces more than ten new patterns a year, owning thousands of wallpaper designs, for the needs of different clients. All the products are safe for use as well as project constructions, for we are very strict with the qualities, for instance: every product shall be of good workability, avant-garde design, environmental protection, and fire, mould proofing and antistatic finish. HDMC provide a one-stop service system which includes business from retail, wholesale to project construction. Our value is based on non-stop pursuing the long-lasting goal, which means advanced designs with times and awareness, appropriate price and perfect attitude towards excellent service. It has long and tight cooperative relationship with interior design companies, decorative materials corporations, decoration engineering companies, and operators. Cooperated Accomplishments include: Star hotels, luxury entertainment places, commercial buildings, franchised stores, villa etc..

Field of Activity:
Sale ( Paper And Cardboard)

Sale ( wood )
plywood، parquet، Home Decor

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