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We sale following various types of papers and wood products from home and abroad: Paper Products: 1) Newsprint paper 2) Copy papers 3) Kraft papers 4) Photo Papers 5) Grease Proof Papers 6) Envelop Papers 7) Scrap Papers/Old Published books (paper scraps) Wood Products: 1) Plain Particle Boards 2) Melamine Particle Board 3) Venyl Particle Boards 4) Coloured Partile Boards.

Field of Activity:
Sale ( Paper And Cardboard)
Corrugated board، Kraft Paper، Wrapping Paper، A4 Printing Paper، Photo Paper، Tissue Paper، Newsprint، Recycled Paper ، waste papers، glassine paper

Sale ( wood )
Home Furniture، Office Furniture ، plywood، veneer، Kitchen Furniture

Trading Company ، Agent ، Distributor

Household & Sanitary Paper
Diapers ، Facial Tissue، Toilet Tissue
Newsprint Paper
45-48.5 gsm, wood free, papers manufactured mainly from recycled materials. Stock Available.
Photo Paper
Photo Papers of Kodak Brand. Stock Available.
Copy Paper
70 gsm, 96% bright, wood free. Stock available 300-400 MT.
Envelop Papers
various types and colours of envelop papers available in stock.
Grease Proof Papers, Kraft Papers, Coated Papers, etc
Products available for use packing greases, packaging, etc for various application. Available in stock.

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