wooden products exporter & importer (MDF, Chipboard, HDF, OSB, kitchen doors, plywood, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, hardware, heels for men shoes, interior doors,...etc) We are one of the leader furniture&wooden materials companies in Turkey, established in 1986. We import kitchen doors from Italy, solid wood flooring and 3 layer lam-scantlings from Indonesia&Malaysia, OSB from USA, hardware from Austria, compact laminate from China, MDF from Slovenia,...etc and export men shoe heel, kitchen furniture, melamin surfaced interior doors and wooden materials to Middle East, Europe...etc. We are Turkey distrubutor of 3B-Italy, Mobil Clan-Italy (Italian kitchen doors manufacturers). To see our products, pls visit our web site : www.yildirimkardesler.com.tr and click on ';';Urunler';'; and ';';Bayilikler';'; links. English version is under construction.';';

Field of Activity:
Sale ( wood )
Hotel Furniture، Home Furniture، Office Furniture ، Timber، plywood، MDF board، veneer، parquet، chipboard، Furniture Hardware، Furniture Parts & Accessories، Home Decor، Bathroom Furniture، Kitchen Furniture، Outdoor Furniture

Buy ( wood )
plywood ، MDF board، veneer، parquet، chipboard

Manufacturer ، Distributor
Interior Doors
HDF cored, melamin surfaced interior doors
Men shoe heels
Heels for men shoes
Kitchen Doors
Turkish origin or Italian origin massive or membrane doors
Solid wood flooring
15x90x600-1200 mm Merbau solid wood flooring (UV & anti-scrateched coated or uncoated), skirting
MDF, Chipboard,OSB,Fil faces plywood
MDF SIZES : 1830X3660 mm or 2100x2800 mm Film faced Plywood size : 18x1250x2500 mm (wood:Meranti (hardwood),glue :WBP)

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